Thursday, August 1, 2019

Alcohol News - 31/2019

BBC News - The 'dual stigma' of alcohol-related brain damage
Alcohol-related brain damage, a condition similar to dementia, is poorly understood and often missed by health professionals, a study by charity Alcohol Change UK says.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Here is how much alcohol you have to buy each week to put your health at risk
Alcohol is so cheap now that it only costs men and women less than €10 to reach their weekly low-risk guideline limit.
BBC News (UK) - England failing to tackle alcohol 'epidemic', say researchers
Massive cuts to alcohol rehab services mean a "national epidemic" of alcohol-related problems is not being tackled, King's College London researchers say.
BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol minimum pricing 'implemented effectively'
The new policy of minimum unit pricing for alcohol (MUP) has been implemented effectively, a report has found.
HuffPost - Why Some People Have A Higher Alcohol Tolerance Than Others
You’ve probably heard remarks like, “She could drink me under the table” or “He is a total lightweight.” Those comments, which come with (dubious) connotations of strength and weakness, are rooted in the concept of alcohol tolerance.
CapeTalk (South Africa) - Expert calls for better strategies to curb learners' alcohol abuse
A 2011 study has revealed that 66% of learners across the Westen Cape province are abusing alcohol.
Alcohol packages sold onboard cruise liners have been criticised following last weekend’s mass brawl onboard a P&O ship.
ABC News - What alcohol does to your body in the short and long term
Most Australian adults will have at least an occasional drink and about half of us are regular drinkers.
Science Daily - Impaired brain activity in rats with family history of alcohol abuse
Neural activity that reflects the intention to drink alcohol is observed in the prefrontal cortex and is blunted in rats with a family history of excessive drinking, according to new research. This insight could lead to novel treatments for alcohol use disorders.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - 1,100 kids treated for alcohol and drug-related illnesses in hospitals last year
New figures show that 1,100 children were treated for alcohol and drug-related illnesses in our hospitals last year.
CNBC - Facebook bans sales of alcohol and tobacco between users
All sales of alcohol and tobacco will no longer be allowed between users on Facebook and Instagram.
Hungary Today (Hungary) - Toxicologist: Number of Alcohol Addicts in Hungary Reaches 800,000
The number of people suffering from alcohol addiction in Hungary is around 800,000, and some 30,000 die annually of alcohol-related illnesses, toxicologist Gábor Zacher told public news channel M1 on Monday. (UK) - Millennials ‘pressured’ into drinking, research claims
Millennials have declared their peers are pressuring them to drink alcohol when socialising and are five times more likely to undergo such strains than older generations.
ABC News (Australia) - Leaked draft of the National Alcohol Strategy shows why Australia can't stop drinking
Australia's plan for tackling alcohol abuse and harm has been compromised because of meddling from the alcohol industry, health experts have warned.
Becker's Hospital Review (USA) - 37.7% of midwives and nurse-midwives think drinking alcohol is sometimes safe during pregnancy, study finds
Many midwives and nurse-midwives underestimate the danger of alcohol consumption for pregnant mothers, according to a study published June 11 in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. (New Zealand) - Older adults, not young people, behind forecast increase in alcohol consumption – academics
Picture harmful drinking and a teenager with a RTD might come to mind, not a retiree with a glass of wine.
Daily Mail (UK) - Bottles of alcohol will finally carrying information on healthy drinking guidelines more than three years after new rule was introduced
Alcohol firms will finally put strict new drinking guidelines on bottle and can labels three-and-a-half years after they were drawn up.
ScienceAlert - 'Second-Hand Drinking' Is The Public Health Problem You've Probably Never Heard Of
It's easy to imagine how second-hand smoke can impact an innocent bystander - most of us have probably inhaled the smoke from someone else's tobacco without wanting to. But it's not the only habit that can affect others; 'second-hand drinking' is a thing, too.
Science Daily (USA) - One in 10 older American adults currently binge drinks
More than a tenth of U.S. adults age 65 and older currently binge drink, putting them at risk for a range of health problems, according to a study by researchers at NYU School of Medicine and the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) at NYU College of Global Public Health.
Stylist Magazine - “This is how it really feels to be the daughter of an alcoholic”
There are estimated to be 589,101 dependent drinkers in England. Here, author Jessica Andrews shares her story of growing up with an alcoholic father, and explains why it’s so important that we open up the conversation around alcoholism.
News ERR (Latvia) - Latvia to lower excise duty rate on strong liquor Thursday
A 15 percent lower excise duty rate on strong liquor is to enter into effect in Latvia on Thursday. The reduced excise duty rate will apply through Feb. 29, 2020.
FairWarning - Alcohol Causes Cancer. Should There Be a Warning Label on Bottles and Cans?
There is a broad scientific consensus that alcohol is a carcinogen, and that even moderate drinking increases one’s chances of getting cancer. But surveys show that most Americans remain unaware of that fact.

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