Thursday, August 22, 2019

Alcohol News - 34/2019

HelloGiggles - I had to give up drinking, and I realized the unhealthy ways we talk about alcohol
A year ago, right after my 21st birthday party, my mom told me that she thought I might have a drinking problem. “I want you to be careful because it seems like most of your social life is focused around drinking,” she explained. During the party, my friends had given speeches and shared stories of me getting drunk.
The New Daily (Australia) - Youths suffering under loved ones’ drug and alcohol abuse: Report
Heavy drinking and drug use has placed thousands of high school students at a disadvantage in life, but they’re not the ones with the problem.
The Manila Times (Philippines) - ‘Economic cost from alcohol to hit P256B’
THE economic cost of alcohol consumption could reach P256 billion by 2022, according to the Department of Finance (DoF).
While the gap is shrinking between men and women who drink, the new research finds variations in the amount and frequency women drink based on age, race, education, marital status, and other factors. (Canada) - Will weed edge out alcohol? Here’s why there’s no sign of it so far
There’s little evidence so far of many people drinking less to make room for legal cannabis, largely because people use the two substances in different ways, a market research expert argues.
Science Daily - Parent-targeted interventions in primary care improve parent-teen communication on alcohol and sex
New research shows that brief parent-targeted interventions in the primary care setting can increase communication between parents and their teens about sexual and alcohol-related behavior. This method may serve as an important strategy for parents to influence adolescent behaviors and health outcomes.
Physician's Weekly - Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy Ups Miscarriage Risk
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is associated with a dose-dependent increase in miscarriage risk, according to a review published in the August issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.
Simple Flying (USA) - United Airlines Pilots Banned From Alcohol For 12 Hours Before Flying
Following the arrest in Glasgow, Scotland, of two of its pilots, United Airlines has laid down its own, revised bottle to throttle rule that divorces the drinking of alcohol from flying a plane.
TimesLIVE - Pregnant? Avoid all traces of alcohol - even 'non-alcoholic' drinks
Drinking any alcohol while pregnant could have lifelong consequences for unborn babies, experts say. This comes as a new trend has emerged in the lucrative beverage market, where alcohol companies are creating "non-alcoholic" versions of their products, which actually do contain small amounts of alcohol.
Weston Mercury (UK) - Call for more awareness of cancer risks with alcohol consumption
According to figures from NHS Digital, 265 people were suffering from a cancer linked to drinking between 2015 and 2017.
Our Auckland (New Zealand) - Watch: Safer Communities Together – preventing alcohol sales to minors
While the iconic “always blow on the pie” advice from NZ Police maybe famous, their covert missions to prevent alcohol sales to minors aren’t. In the spirit of ‘Safer Communities Together’, NZ Police’s Alcohol Harm Prevention team and Auckland Council alcohol licensing inspectors are regularly out and about checking that licensed premises are sticking to rules within the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. - Secondhand Drinking: When Your Alcohol Problem Becomes Everybody Else's
Types of harm from secondhand drinking included being pushed or hit, feeling threatened or afraid, being a passenger of a drunk driver, marital problems, family problems, and financial problems.
YLE News (Finland) - Surprise turn: Teen consumption of alcohol and snus edges upward
Youth in Finland still drink and smoke significantly less than in the early 2000s, but now this positive trend seems to have come to a halt, according to the biannual Adolescent Health and Lifestyle Survey.
RNZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol-related harm experts shun advertising code review
An expert on alcohol-related harm says there's no point in submitting on a review of the code which governs how companies can advertise their booze.
Alcohol Change (UK) - Exploring alcohol harm: concluding our series of rapid evidence reviews
Today we have published our sixth Rapid Evidence Review (RER) to conclude our series of short research reports commissioned by us earlier this year, looking into priority areas in the field of alcohol harm reduction. (Ireland) - Report of youngsters drinking less criticised by alcohol campaigner
New research has revealed the number of Irish youngsters aged 15 and 16 who drank alcohol fell from half to just over one-third between 2011 and 2015. However, the study, which was funded by a number of alcohol producers, has been questioned by a public health doctor.
Medical Republic - Alcohol – the ignored breast cancer risk factor
Drinking alcohol has been proven to increase the risk of developing breast cancer in more than 100 studies, but both the general public and health professionals continue to ignore the issue.
EurekAlert - Binge drinking may be more damaging to women
Alcohol consumption is a major cause of chronic liver disease in the United States, and binge drinking is emerging as a significant contributor to liver injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six U.S. adults binge drink four times per month.
Arte (EU) - Here's to Health! Europe and Alcohol
Europeans are world champions of alcohol consumption. 23 million Europeans are alcohol dependent and 195,000 die from alcoholism each year. An appalling state of affairs. (Russia) - 3% of Russian spendings go on alcohol and tobacco
An average of 3% of total Russian spendings in 2018 went on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

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