Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Alcohol News - 5/2018

The Telegraph (UK) - The truth about drunk pilots – does the profession have an alcohol problem?
If you were to compile a list of the Top Ten Things to Unnerve Plane Passengers, having armed police enter the cockpit moments before take-off, handcuff the pilot and lead them away on suspicion of being drunk would have to rank pretty high.
BBC News (UK) - 'Dangerously' drunk tourists may not win insurance claims
A man who fell and hit his head after "drinking all night" was correctly refused travel insurance cover, an ombudsman has said. (Poland) - Polish president signs into law powers to limit alcohol sales
Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed new laws which allow local governments to limit alcohol sales.
USA TODAY - Study: Parents who give their teenagers alcohol are inviting trouble
It seems to make some sense: Let your teenagers drink at home where they will have adult supervision and won’t be driving. But a new study finds that parents who provide their kids with alcohol aren’t doing them any favors.
The Guardian (UK) - UK health body calls for cigarette-style warnings on alcohol
More graphic link to alcohol-related diseases would raise awareness and reduce harm, says the Royal Society for Public Health.
ERR News (Estonia) - Shortfall in alcohol excise duty inflow to total tens of millions
The estimated inflow of excise duty on alcohol has never missed the mark as severely as it has in the 2017 state budget, daily Postimees reports.
Harvard Health - Alcohol and age: A risky combination
Most people drink less as they grow older. However, some maintain heavy drinking patterns throughout life, and some develop problems with alcohol for the first time during their later years.
BBC News (Russia) - Reality Check: Has Russian alcohol consumption fallen 80%?
Russians are consuming 80% less alcohol than five years ago, according to the Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova. It's a jaw-dropping figure for a nation that's traditionally regarded as one that enjoys drinking - especially the national tipple, vodka.
Houston Public Media (USA) - New Study Calls For Stricter Alcohol Standards To Reduce Drunk Driving
A new study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine calls for, among other things, the legal limit for drivers’ blood alcohol concentration to be lowered from .08 to .05 percent. In other words — making the legal standard for drunken driving stricter.
The Times (Ireland) - ‘Thousands will lose lives while alcohol bill is delayed’
It will be at least another three months before the alcohol bill becomes law after the government was forced to notify the European Commission about new amendments.
YouGov US (USA) - Three-quarters of Americans started drinking alcohol before age 21
Drinking alcohol has long been a right of passage into adulthood, but a study by the journal Childhood Development concluded that adolescents (ages 13-19) in each successive generation exhibit a decline in adult activities such as dating, learning to drive, moving out, and drinking.
Independent (Uganda) - Under age illicit alcohol consumption increasing, study finds
50.8% of the 600 respondents in a study conducted by a Health Communication Organisation – Straight Talk Foundation Uganda agreed to have consumed illicit alcohol, 17% of which were under the age of 18 years. Underage consumption was higher among males at 25% than among females at 9%.
University of Bristol - Study of 3,000 drinkers' attempts to cut down produces sobering results
A new study by the University of Bristol that assessed data on the drinking patterns of nearly 3,000 drinkers who reported that they were planning to reduce their alcohol consumption found that very few managed it when followed up six months later.
The Pharmaceutical Journal (UK) - Minimum unit alcohol pricing works, MPs told
Making cheap, strong alcohol less affordable could benefit the health of the two million people who drink at harmful levels in England, doctors have told Mps.

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