Thursday, January 25, 2018

Alcohol News - 4/2018

New York Post (USA) - How tipsy playdates are creating a mommy drinking crisis
Lucy Rorech was like a lot of Park Slope mothers. She made organic baby food for her children and shuttled them to Mandarin lessons after school. (UK) - A third of the alcohol sold in England is drunk by just 4 per cent of the nation, figures reveal
Just 4 per cent of the population consume almost one-third of all the alcohol sold in England, new healthcare data has revealed. (UK) - The truth about drunk pilots – does the profession have an alcohol problem?
If you were to compile a list of the Top Ten Things to Unnerve Plane Passengers, having armed police enter the cockpit moments before take-off, handcuff the pilot and lead them away on suspicion of being drunk would have to rank pretty high.
The Guardian (UK) - Nearly half of UK 14-year-olds have tried alcohol, figures show
Almost half of children in the UK have tried alcohol by the age of 14, while nearly 20% have had a run-in with the police, new figures have revealed.
KTVA (USA) - Anchorage searching for solutions to fight alcohol epidemic
Tuesday night the Anchorage Assembly voted down a proposed ordinance by Dick Traini that would have adopted a municipal wholesale tax on alcoholic beverages.
Science Daily - Alcohol consumption in late teens can lead to liver problems in adulthood
Alcohol is the leading cause of liver cirrhosis and liver-related deaths. Results of a large long-term study in Sweden have confirmed that drinking during late adolescence could be the first step towards liver problems in adulthood and that guidelines for safe alcohol intake in men might have to be revised downwards.
The Pharmaceutical Journal - Drinking alcohol increases cancer risk
Drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer, yet only 13% of adults are aware of the link.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Drinks industry lobbied extensively on Alcohol Health Bill
Drinks industry representatives extensively lobbied Government Ministers, TDs and Senators about controversial legislation to deal with Ireland’s alcohol crisis, according to the latest figures from the lobbying register.
Newshub (New Zealand) - Public health groups call for higher alcohol prices
Public health groups want the government to consider raising the alcohol tax by 50 percent as part of their inquiry into mental health and addiction services.
Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - Survey: Some 11% of adult Czechs drink alcohol almost daily
Every ninth adult person in the Czech Republic drinks alcohol at least four times a week and the same proportion, 11 percent over 18, drink five and more half litres of beer, at least five glasses of liquor or over one litre of wine regularly, according to the poll conducted by the Nielsen Admosphere polling agency and released on Tuesday.
Times of India (India) - Delhi: A third of street kids use drugs, alcohol
One in every three street children in Delhi indulges in substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol and cannabis. A study by AIIMS has now put a number to this well-known problem.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - One in 12 drivers in crash or near miss due to alcohol – survey
Almost one in 12 Irish motorists have been involved in a collision or experienced a near miss as a result of a road user operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.
HeraldScotland (UK) - Doctors urge England to follow Scottish minimum alcohol pricing
Senior doctors have renewed their efforts to get England to follow Scotland on minimum alcohol pricing.
WMUR Manchester (USA) - New report calls for lowering BAC levels from .08 to .05, getting stricter on alcohol laws
A study recently released from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine calls for the lowering of the blood alcohol concentration level from .08 to .05.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Sporting codes told to ban alcohol advertisements and sponsorships
TWO out of three parents want to see alcohol advertising and promotions banned during sporting matches, according to a new poll.
ERR News (Estonia) - PPA to use minors to check shops' compliance with alcohol, tobacco laws
Beginning Friday, the Police and Border Guard (PPA) are allowed to use minors as "police explorers" to check retailers' compliance with the prohibition to sell alcohol and tobacco products to minors.

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