Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Alcohol News - 2/2018

The Independent – How alcohol damages stem cells and increases cancer risk
After cigarettes, alcohol is perhaps the most common carcinogen that humans voluntarily expose themselves to. How this simple substance promotes cancer, though, has not been clear. But our latest study, using genetically modified mice, sheds some light on the possible mechanism.
The Guardian (UK) - Only one in 10 Britons know alcohol causes cancer, survey finds
Only one in 10 people know that alcohol causes cancer, according to findings that also show strong public backing for cans and bottles of drink carrying warnings about the link.
ScienceNordic - Poverty and alcohol a bad mix for the heart
If you have a low income and education, drinking can be bad for your heart. But researchers think the health problems they have found may reflect something other than the effects of alcohol.
Metro - What to do if you’re not considered an alcoholic but you think you have a problem with alcohol
2018 is upon us and with that comes the nationwide campaign, which aims to encourage us to save money, sleep better and lose weight by abstaining from booze for an entire month.
Modern Ghana (Ghana) - Groups Want Ban On Alcohol Adverts Reviewed
The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has urged the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to review the ban on the advertisement of alcoholic beverages between 6am and 8pm.
WBAA (USA) - The United States Of Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol is a unique legalized drug in American culture. It’s not a crime to consume in all states (unlike marijuana). There is little stigma attached to having a drink (unlike cigarettes). And it can be abused somewhat openly, even in the company of your co-workers (unlike opioids).
Leicester Mercury (UK) - Government could soon ban early-morning alcohol at UK's airports
An investigation launched by the Government could spell the beginning of the end for breakfast time tipples at UK terminals.
HeraldScotland (UK) - ‘Toxic mix of alcohol and power’ at Palace of Westminster
Dozens of parliamentary aides have faced bullying at work while four women said they had been victims of sexual assault, according to a survey of staff at Westminster.
The Irish Sun (Ireland) - The laws on drinking alcohol around children and how drunk you have to be to get arrested?
Can you get arrested for drinking alcohol in public while in the care of a child? Under the Licensing Act 1902, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a child in a public place. (Canada) - Warning labels on alcohol in Yukon removed after pushback from liquor companies
A United States researcher involved in a study on alcohol warning labels in Yukon that was halted after pushback from the liquor industry says caution messages have proven effective elsewhere.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Health Minister defends alcohol bill changes
Mr Harris defended the changes, which exempts small local shops from the more draconian elements of the bill regarding separation of alcohol, saying the alterations are “common sense”.
Pravda (Russia) - Alcohol kills 18,000 Russians during every holiday season
Leading Russian expert in the field of alcohol-related mortality and alcohol policy, Alexander Nemtsov, published a report, which said that the death rate in Russia increases dramatically during the holiday season in January, when the nation celebrates New Year and Christmas.
India Today (India) - Alcohol alert on bottles soon
In a first, FSSAI - a body under Union health ministry - is regulating all varieties of alcoholic products by permitting only prescribed percent of alcohol in your drink.

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