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Alcohol News - 16/2017

XinhuaNet (Russia) - Alcohol, tobacco consumption falls in 2016 in Russia
Russia recorded a decrease in alcohol and tobacco consumption in 2016, Russian newspaper Izvestiya reported on Monday.
YLE News (Finland) - Children's Helpline fields calls about parental alcohol abuse over Easter holiday
Volunteers from the MLL charity's Helpline service say many children phoned or sent messages about their parents' excessive alcohol use over the four-day Easter weekend in Finland.
Daily Mail (UK) - Would YOU buy alcohol for a pregnant woman? Watch what happens when an 'expectant mother' asks passing strangers to do her a favour by buying her booze
Our MailOnline reporter put on a fake belly to play the part of a young pregnant woman and stood outside a convenience store in London.
Pan American Health Organization (WHO) - Regulating marketing of alcohol can help reduce consumption, harm
Countries can improve public health by regulating the marketing of alcoholic beverages to reduce its consumption and related harms, and the Pan American Health Organization has developed new principles for countries to consider in developing these regulations.
Shepparton News (Australia) - Alcohol and water can be fatal combination
A new study has found alcohol may have contributed to hundreds of men drowning in the past decade. (Australia) - Growing alcohol problem affecting middle-aged women on the northern beaches
NEW figures show a higher number of peninsula women are becoming problem drinkers.
Smithsonian (Ireland) - Ireland May End Its Historic Good Friday Alcohol Ban
Over the years, the ban has inspiring many a crafty guide on scouting out a frothy pint. But fortunately for alcohol enthusiasts, Ireland’s dry Good Friday edict may soon come to an end, Susan Hogan reports for The Washington Post.
Science Daily - Think you can handle your alcohol? Study may urge some drinkers to think again
Heavy drinkers develop behavioral tolerance to alcohol over time on some fine motor tasks, but not on more complex tasks, according to a study led by a Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System researcher.
Paris Post Intelligencer (USA) - Underage drinking is a danger to all
Many people do not refer to alcohol as a drug, however, it most certainly is a drug — a very addictive one. Alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among America’s youth. The statistics related to underage drinking are astounding.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol problems cost €1 in €10 spent on healthcare
It is notable the speed and ease with which legislation is proceeding through the Houses of the Oireachtas that will further increase the availability of alcohol.
Medical Daily - Alcoholism Treatment 2017: Alcohol-Dependent Brains Respond To Booze Differently
Modern medicine is moving toward the idea of personalized care catered to an individual's needs; new research suggests such an approach may work for alcoholism. (Ireland) - Half of the population believes drivers shouldn't be banned for having alcohol in their system
PROPOSALS TO CHANGE Ireland’s drink-driving laws have stirred much debate in Leinster House – and across the country – in recent weeks.
TheHealthSite - World Liver Day: Take good care of your liver to live healthy
According to a report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2014, deaths due to liver diseases in India has reached 2.44% of total deaths.
MCXV (Scotland) - Scotland Must Do More To Turn Tide Of Alcohol Harm
A report published last Wednesday by Alcohol Focus Scotland, BMA Scotland, SHAAP and Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs contained a comprehensive set of policies aimed at curbing Scotland’s alcohol problem and addressing the associated health inequalities.
TV NZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol ads teach kids that drinking is 'part of being a good New Zealander', researchers suggest
High rates of alcohol ads played during televised sport could lead children to believe drinking is "part of being a good New Zealander", researchers have suggested.
The College Fix (USA) - Survey finds many Spring Breakers regret having random sex, boozing it up
These are some of the responses from a Project Know survey, which recently asked 889 high school and college students who have taken a spring break trip in the past five years about their activities and regrets.
Harvard Health - Binge drinking continues to rise — particularly among women and seniors
Women usually welcome news that the gender gap in pay or leadership positions is closing. But lately we’ve been learning that women are also gaining parity in another respect: alcohol consumption.
Mail Online (UK) - Special report: Binge drinking
Binge-drinking is getting out of control in Britain. One in four adults in Britain are binge drinkers and the UK recently topped a poll as Europe's heaviest alcohol consumers.
Standard Examiner - Alcohol Awareness Month: How to help a loved one with a drinking problem
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and the experts have one overriding piece of advice for those who have a loved one dealing with an addition: Above all else, take care of yourself.

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