Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Alcohol News - 15/2017

The Local (Italy) - Drinking between meals is on the rise in Italy
Alcohol consumption is on the rise in Italy, with a particularly sharp increase in drinking in between meal times and binge-drinkers.
The Herald (Scotland) - Drinking-cut target to tackle 'devastating' alcohol impact
SCOTS should cut the amount of alcohol they drink by at least 10 per cent over the next decade because of the “devastating impact” alcohol abuse has on public services and communities, according to campaigners. - Study compares alcohol consumption during pregnancy across European countries
A study among over 7000 women in 11 European countries shows the proportion of women in Europe who drink alcohol when they know they are pregnant is lowest in Norway and highest in the UK. (UK) - REVEALED: Boozy Brits spend THIS much on alcohol in pubs, bars and restaurants
BOOZY Brits spent a record £24 billion on drink in pubs, bars and restaurants last year, new figures revealed today.
Evening Standard (UK) - Sale of alcohol to passengers waiting for early morning flights should be banned, government officials say
Calls have been made to ban the sale of alcohol at airports to passengers on early morning flights after a spike in drunken incidents.
Namnews (UK) - UK The Leading Market In Europe For Online Alcohol Sales
Proportionally, more UK consumers are buying alcohol online than in any other market in Europe. The growth is being driven by six key factors and the opportunities for brands are set to continue, according to a new report – How alcohol brands can tap the ecommerce opportunity – from ecommerce analytics firm Profitero, in conjunction with Nielsen.
The Daily Meal (USA) - New Oregon Bill Aims to Ban Alcohol on Public Beaches
If you envisioned a summer filled with day drinking on the beaches in Oregon, you might have to change your plans.
Norway Today (Norway) - FRP wants to push through ‘beer in the park’ before summer
The Progress Party (FRP) and The Conservatives supported by The Liberals wish to amend the law and allow drinking in the park within a few months, the Christian Democrats are protesting.
Miami Herald (USA) - Alcohol abuse leads to 4,300 deaths annually among people under 21
It is common knowledge that the drinking age in the United States is 21. However, by age 13, one third of boys and about one fourth of girls have tasted alcohol. Even scarier, excessive alcohol consumption leads to more than 4,300 deaths annually among people under 21.
ABC Online (Australia) - NT Government promises alcohol policy will cut crime rates as businesses call for crackdown
Northern Territory businesses are calling for the Government to crack down on crime as a new survey has revealed theft and vandalism is costing some hundreds of thousands of dollars.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol may have contributed to the drownings of 500 men over past decade, study finds
A campaign is being launched aimed at changing men's attitudes towards drinking around water, with new figures suggesting alcohol has contributed to the drownings of almost 500 Australian men over the past decade.
EU Reporter (EU) - Curious case of #alcohol labelling in the EU
European case of alcohol labelling is a good example of the results of industry lobby and effects of vested interests. An example where a logical decision is avoided and postponed without any serious explanation. It should be a wake-up call for both European Parliament and Commission to highlight alcohol policy and understand that without decisions, things are not moving along, writes Lauri Beekmann.
The Local Germany (Germany) - 75 billion smokes: report reveals which vices Germans indulge most
A new report shows that Germans are cutting back a bit on smoking traditional cigarettes, but are drinking at an "especially high" rate compared to other countries.
Morocco World News (Morocco) - Alcohol Consumption on the Rise in Morocco
Despite the heavy taxation on alcoholic beverages, consumption is still increasing by leaps and bounds in Morocco.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - Residents go online to show how alcohol impacts communities
Views on whether there are too many supermarkets in Edinburgh selling cut-price price alcohol are being gathered in an anonymous online survey aimed at showing how ordinary communities are affected by booze.

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