Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alcohol News - 52/2016

Washington Post - For women, heavy drinking has been normalized. That’s dangerous.
The ads started popping up about a decade ago on social media. Instead of selling alcohol with sex and romance, these ads had an edgier theme: Harried mothers chugging wine to cope with everyday stress. Women embracing quart-sized bottles of whiskey, and bellying up to bars to knock back vodka shots with men.
Sky News (Australia) - Total alcohol ban issued for Coogee beach
Sydney's Coogee Beach is now an alcohol-free zone after 15 tonnes of rubbish was left to clean up on Christmas Day.
Daily Mail - Your brain on alcohol: Experts reveal what REALLY happens when you get drunk
Whether you plan to toast the New Year with champagne or liquor, every alcoholic drink will have one thing in common – the mind-altering molecule ethanol.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Cricket has a dangerous relationship with alcohol
If you spent any time watching TV during the Australian summers of the late '70s or early '80s, chances are the Tooheys beer "How do ya feel?" cricket ads are seared on your memory.
The Conversation UK - When media use pictures of drunk girls in alcohol stories, we’re being misled
When the English artist William Hogarth produced his infamous engravings of prosperous “Beer Street” and chaotic “Gin Lane” in the mid-18th century, it reflected efforts to control London’s supposed gin crisis.
RT (Russia) - Most Russians want govt to raise minimum alcohol-purchase age
About three quarters of Russians would support the increase of minimum legal age of alcohol purchase from current 18 to 21 years, the state-run VTSIOM public opinion research center reports.
The Times (UK) - Middle aged in denial over alcohol and weight
The vast majority of middle-aged adults drink too much alcohol, are overweight or exercise too little, official figures show.
South African Broadcasting Corporation (South Africa) - Cape Town alcohol consumption a concern
The City of Cape Town says the amount of alcohol it has confiscated on beaches is of serious concern! More than 7000 litres of liquor has been confiscated from beach goers since the start of the festive season.
Medical News Today - Going dry for January? How reducing alcohol intake can benefit health
Do you plan to exercise more? Lose weight? Quit smoking? How about cutting down on alcohol intake? While that last question may have prompted a highly resistant shake of the head from many readers who enjoy their after-work beer or a glass of wine with dinner, there is no better time to review your alcohol intake.
Medical Daily - Alcohol And Your Eyes: 6 Ways Excessive Drinking Can Impair Your Vision
A night of heavy drinking may cause you to develop a pair of the dreaded “beer goggles,” but drinking large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time can damage a number of body parts, your eyes included.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - More than 1,000 children contact Childline on Christmas Day with alcohol abuse at home among issues
CHILDLINE got 1,040 contacts from children across Ireland on Christmas Day, the ISPCC has said, with alcohol abuse in the home one of themes rased.
The Local Spain (Spain) - Spain proposes fines for parents of underage drinkers
Spain’s new health minister has revealed that she wants to pass a law which would see parents of underage drinkers fined if they refused to take their children to special 'awareness courses' on drinking.

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