Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Alcohol News - 1/2017

Science Nordic - When alcohol ruins the holidays — and beyond
Nine adults told researchers in detail how parental drinking affected their childhood years, especially during the holidays. The problem was swept under the rug to maintain a façade of a normal, happy family, while the kids felt betrayed by other adults around them.
The Independent - Alcohol drinkers struggle to reduce intake due to their partners' encouragement, says research
Partners sabotage each other's attempts to cut down on drinking, with men worse than women, new research suggests.
ABC News (USA) - New Health Warning Links Alcohol and Heart Problems
CNN - Alcohol abuse linked to higher heart risks, study says
An estimated 10 million to 15 million Americans abuse alcohol, meaning excessive drinking negatively affects their lives. Now, research suggests a link between too much drinking and heart problems, the No. 1 cause of death worldwide.
International Business Times (Russia) - Russia Alcohol Deaths Update: Over 26K Liters Of Surrogate Booze Confiscated After Poisoning Outbreak
Motivated by a recent outbreak of alcohol poisoning cases in Siberia, officials have confiscated more than 26,000 liters of illegal alcohol in Russia, news agency TASS reported Monday.
The Institute of Cancer Research - The acceptable poison: drinking alcohol will remain a personal choice despite links to cancer
Alcohol is everywhere in modern Western society, but with growing evidence of a link to cancer, ICR PhD student Kevin Litchfield asks how long the status quo will last.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Utah may lower the legal alcohol limit to .05% -- a first in the nation
An effort is underway in the state to lower the legal blood-alcohol concentration for driving to .05 — a first in the nation. Currently, all 50 states have a .08 cap, eschewing suggestions from the National Transportation Safety Board to redefine what constitutes drunk driving.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - New law to fight drink-driving ‘likely’; lower alcohol limit possible
Transport Minister Shane Ross has said the spike in deaths on Irish roads last year was “calamitous”, and has said dramatic and tough new laws to stamp out drink-driving are likely.
ABC News - How Alcohol Affects the Body in Cold Weather
Popping a bottle of champagne during a New Year's Eve bash may be a tradition, but drinking in excess while ringing in 2017 can be especially dangerous in cold weather.
The Independent - When media use pictures of drunk girls in alcohol stories, we’re being misled
When the English artist William Hogarth produced his infamous engravings of prosperous “Beer Street” and chaotic “Gin Lane” in the mid-18th century, it reflected efforts to control London’s supposed gin crisis. Gin consumption had risen from very little at the beginning of the century to 19 million gallons per year by the 1750s, and many people had become alarmed.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Kenny MacAskill: Alcohol killed my friend. That's why I support minimum pricing
LIKE most people I’ve done the walk of shame to the bottle bank. Neighbours were in for the Bells and friends and family on Ne’erday. Significant alcohol was consumed as the debris confirmed. More than we should have, but it was a special occasion.
The Bolton News (UK) - Rise in numbers of children being suspended for drug and alcohol-related incident in schools in Bolton
THE number of children being thrown out of Bolton schools for drinking and taking drugs has more than quadrupled in just a year.
The Guardian (UK) - 'Dad was an alcoholic': MP Jonathan Ashworth urges action on drinking
Childhood memories of growing up with an alcoholic father have prompted the shadow health secretary to call for greater recognition of the damage done by excessive drinking.
Arutz Sheva (Israel) - Report: Half of Israeli high schoolers drink alcohol regularly
Roughly half of Israeli high school students drink alcohol regularly, a new study shows, while one in eight smokes cigarettes.
The Globe and Mail - Even light alcohol consumption may cause an irregular heartbeat
It’s called “holiday heart” because it happens to binge drinkers who feel a flutter or irregular heartbeat after too many cocktails at parties. But a research review suggests it can happen after just one drink.
Kathimerini (Greece) - No alcohol for drivers, say Greek coroners
Greek coroners are advising those driving during the holidays to abstain from alcohol altogether. Ahead of the New Year’s celebrations, the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine noted that local morgues are always filled with the bodies of young people at this time of year.

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