Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Alcohol News - 17/2016

Daily Mail - The brain's 'binge drinking' circuit found: Alcohol creates a 'reward loop' in the mind that drives people to carry on boozing
The difference between a swift half and a monster drinking session could all be down to the way your brain is wired. Researchers in the US claim they have identified a set of connections between two regions of the brain which drives binge drinking.
Medical Daily - Drinking Alcohol While Taking Antidepressants Could Exacerbate Depression, Increase Drug's Side Effects
Whether you drink to cap off a taxing work day or to loosen up before or during a social event, many people enjoy the relaxing qualities of alcohol — it is a depressant after all. - Research focuses on alcohol-induced blackouts
Alcohol-induced blackouts, defined as memory loss of all or a portion of events that occurred during a drinking episode, are reported by approximately 50 percent of drinkers, and are associated with a wide range of negative consequences, including injury and death.
Science Daily - Alcohol availability affects local crime patterns
Restrictions on alcohol availability may be an important crime-control policy, given that alcohol availability appears to influence crime by increasing consumption and alcohol-induced impulsivity.
ABC Online - Why do people talk louder when they drink alcohol?
Alcohol may get the conversation going at a party, but as the drinks flow you'll find it harder to tune in. Dr Karl explains how alcohol affects your hearing. (Canada) - Alcohol a factor in 1/3 of deaths of young people says northern Ontario coroner
Young people and alcohol continue to be a deadly combination in northern Ontario. In the past five years, the regional coroner has investigated approximately 180 deaths of people aged 15-years-old to 21.
The Guardian (UK) - Louis Theroux: Drinking to Oblivion review – you’ll worry about your alcohol consumption
There’s a nice moment in Louis Theroux: Drinking to Oblivion (BBC2, Sunday). Stuart, an antiques dealer with cirrhosis, is at the specialist liver unit at King’s College hospital in London having a lot of yellowish liquid drained from his bloated abdomen.
Medscape - Alcohol Abuse Mortality Patterns Shift With Age
Alcohol use disorder is associated with a nearly sixfold increase in all-cause mortality across age groups, but the risks are linked to individual and familial predispositions in early adulthood and to the course of alcohol abuse in later years, new research shows.
Sydney Morning Herald - Getting older? Why less is more when it comes to alcohol
There's no level playing field when it comes to drinking - our age and gender all make a difference to how we handle alcohol.
Medscape - Alcohol and Processed Meat Link to Stomach Cancer
An analysis from the World Cancer Research Fund has found "strong evidence" that alcohol and processed meats can cause stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is the 16th most common cancer in the UK with around 7,100 cases in 2013. It is more common in men than women.
Medical Xpress (Australia) - Study finds 60 per cent of Australia's bottle shops sell alcohol to teens without checking ID
More than half of Australia's bottle shops are selling alcohol to teenagers without checking their age, a Deakin University study has found.

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