Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Alcohol News - 16/2016

The Local (France) - French drivers still think 'little alcohol, little danger'
Almost one quarter of French drivers have admitted to drinking alcohol before driving, according to a new survey on Tuesday.
Sky News (UK) - Over-35s 'Hit Weekly Alcohol Limit In A Night'
Middle-aged drinkers are putting their health at risk by regularly reaching the recommended weekly alcohol limit on a single night out, according to new research.
Medical Daily - Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body Depend On Type, Brand, And Congeners
One friend says tequila is her downfall. A couple of shots and she becomes a raging sex maniac, unable to control herself around men. Another friend says he gets angry on beer and mellow on scotch.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Sydney lockouts should be extended beyond Kings Cross, say alcohol policy groups
Two of NSW's alcohol policy groups have called for the Baird government's controversial "lockout laws" to be extended across the state in submissions to an independent review of the legislation.
The Guardian (Australia) - Northern Territory urged to act on foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The Northern Territory government is yet to implement a single recommendation from a report into the effects of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 14 months after it was handed down.
The Press (New Zealand) - Council tries to resolve alcohol policy objections
A working party of five councillors was set up in December to negotiate with the 19 individuals and groups who appealed to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) about the council's May 2015 decision to introduce controversial new rules restricting when alcohol could be sold in the city.
CBS News (USA) - Teen drinking: Who's trying alcohol sooner?
Teenage girls in the United States now start to drink alcohol sooner than boys do, a new study shows.
Medical Daily - Breaking Point: How Much Alcohol Can The Human Body Take At Once?
Though alcohol and excessive drinking may be viewed by students and many others as a casual social activity, alcohol can have deadly effects.
India Today - World Liver Day: If you drink alcohol regularly, here's what happens to your liver
Your liver, just like your brain and heart, is a crucial organ that you need to take care of. And, if you're a heavy drinker, you need to take extra good care of it. According to recent data presented by the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 2 lakh people die every year around the world due to liver ailments.
CMU The Tartan Online - Alcohol affects neurotransmitter pathways
Many a person (over the age of 21, of course) has woken up with a pounding headache, forehead resting softly in a puddle of vomit against the hard, ceramic toilet seat.
Medscape - Concurrent Cocaine, Alcohol Use Linked to Suicidality
The concurrent use of cocaine and alcohol may flag individuals at high risk of attempting suicide, according to a large study of suicidal emergency department patients.
The (Italy) - Millions of boozy Italians at risk of alcohol problems
Some eight million Italians are consuming too much alcohol, according to a report released on Thursday by Italy's National Health Institute (ISS).

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