Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alcohol News - 15/2016

Medical Xpress - Hospitals could reduce healthcare burden of alcohol related harm by simple routine screening
The growing burden of alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) could be reduced if hospitals introduced a simple universal screening procedure for those attending acute and emergency hospital settings, according to a new study shared today at The International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
The Daily Cougar - Researchers find direct link to alcohol, breast cancer risk
A UH professor and his team have discovered a direct link between alcohol and breast cancer risk by identifying a cancer-causing gene that is triggered by alcohol consumption. (Canada) - Community creates strategy to tackle alcohol problem in Prince Albert
A strategy to handle severe drinking problems in Prince Albert, Sask. was revealed today, and community members are eager to help bring about change. (USA) - Teenage girls now try alcohol before boys do: Study
It's probably not a milestone that will do many feminists proud, but teenage girls in the United States now start to drink alcohol sooner than boys do, a new study shows.
New York Daily News - Reduce your risk of cancer by eliminating alcohol from your diet
Stop smoking cigarettes. Cut down on fried food. Eat leafy greens. Wear sunscreen. Exercise. Get regular physicals. These are all ways to reduce cancer risk. Yet there is a known carcinogen lurking in the diet of most Americans — something that you may actually believe to be healthy in moderation despite being linked to multiple forms of cancer. - Why Giving Up Alcohol Could Transform Your Skin
In pursuit of perfect skin, we try countless serums and creams, book elaborate facials, and chug water religiously, yet there’s a beyond-simple fix that has been staring us in the face all this time: giving up (or significantly cutting back on) alcohol—which we’ve long known is no health elixir, but has a perhaps unexpected impact on our complexions, in particular.
Science Daily (UK) - Alcohol related deaths are likely to increase after cuts in alcohol taxation
Alcohol related deaths are most likely set to increase in England as incomes outstrip rises in taxation, argue experts. This prediction is based on the researchers' analysis of trends in alcohol related harm in the context of changes in the alcohol marketplace, in turn driven by changes in fiscal policy.
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - More elderly Danes getting alcohol treatment
An increasing number of Danes over the age of 65 are seeking help for alcohol problems, according to new figures from the health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen.
IrishCentral (Ireland) - Irish teens shun alcohol and sign up to Pioneers
Young people in Ireland are increasingly looking for an alternative to the drinking scene, with up to 8,000 teenagers signing up to the Pioneer Association last year.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Sports sponsorship ‘saturated’ with alcohol ads
A Department of Health briefing document said there is “saturation exposure” of alcohol products during sporting events and cited the French model, which completely bans alcohol sponsorship, as “best practice”.
Deutsche Welle (Germany) - Report: German teens turning away from drugs, alcohol
A comprehensive health study in Germany has found that drug and alcohol abuse by young people is at an all-time low. Officials warn, however, that binge drinking remains a rampant problem.
The Age (Australia) - Liquor licensing must consider family violence say councils after booze barn approved in hot spot
Plans to build a Dan Murphy's in a "family violence hot spot" have sparked calls for an overhaul of liquor licensing approvals, creating a test case for the Andrews government.

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