Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Alcohol News - 4/2016

Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Northern Ireland's over 50s less likely to heed advice over alcohol
Northern Ireland has the highest number of adults over 50 in the UK who do not know what the healthy recommended drink limits are, a new survey has revealed. (New Zealand) - Thousands of children treated for drug and alcohol abuse
Every year thousands of teenagers and adolescents are treated for drug or alcohol addiction. Ben Heather asks why a handful of our children are learning to get wasted so young, sometimes before they learn to read. (USA) - Agency recommends lowering blood-alcohol limit to reduce traffic deaths
After the release of a recent study, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended the legal limit on blood-alcohol concentration (or content) be lowered, to cut down on motor vehicle deaths.
New York Times - When Alcohol Intrudes in the Workplace
I work at a nonprofit with fewer than 10 employees, where we all need to pull our weight. Recently, there have been several instances of a particular colleague getting so drunk on weeknights that he can’t make it to work until the following afternoon, if at all. I know that he is hung over, not sick, because he has admitted it in emails canceling meetings with me.
Daily Mail - How BEER damages the brains of teenagers: Alcohol 'impairs spatial awareness and memory'
Teenagers have long been warned to stay away from alcohol. They’ve been told of alcohol’s increased risk of cancer – and its ability to impair driving. But now, a new study revealed alcohol also affects spatial awareness and memory in teenagers.
The Guardian (UK) - Problem drinkers account for most of alcohol industry's sales, figures reveal
The alcohol industry makes most of its money – an estimated £23.7bn in sales in England alone – from people whose drinking is destroying or risking their health, say experts who accuse the industry of irresponsible pricing and marketing.
Vox (EU/USA) - Europe has lower drinking ages than the US — and worse teen drinking problems
One of the most common arguments against America's legal drinking age is that Europe has a supposedly safer drinking culture despite its lower drinking ages. After I wrote an argument for keeping the US drinking age at 21, it's a question that readers raised in emails again and again: If a lower drinking age is so bad, why is Europe doing fine?
Irish Times (Ireland) - Ministers lobbied 40 times in three months on alcohol issues
Government Ministers and their officials were lobbied on alcohol-related issues more than 40 times in a three-month period, an analysis of the new register of lobbying shows.
Sunderland Echo (UK) - Lowering of drink drive alcohol limit backed by police boss as change heads for Parliament
This Friday the House of Lords will debate reduce the limit as part of the Road Traffic Act. Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mrs Baird is urging peers to support the bill.
The Guardian (UK) - The impact of alcohol on the NHS: 'we get the drunks in 24/7'
Healthcare professionals share their experiences of funding constraints, violent behaviour and drink-related disease and death.
Medical Daily - Bullying Linked To Increased Risk Of Cigarette and Alcohol Use Among Gay and Bisexual Youth
While many children are bullied, previous studies have suggested that children who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual are bullied more than their peers. A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that this bullying has a significant impact on sexual-minority youth development.

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