Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alcohol News - 3/2016

The Moscow Times (Russia) - Russia's Alcohol Imports Plunge to Record Lows
Russia saw a record drop in alcohol imports in 2015 as a result of the weakening ruble and a decline in Russians' purchasing power, the Kommersant newspaper reported Thursday.
The Washington Post - This mother drank while pregnant. Here’s what her daughter’s like at 43.
Kathy Mitchell wants to share something with you. She’s not proud of it, and it’s not a behavior she hopes you’ll emulate. It’s just the truth: As a teen, Kathy drank alcohol while pregnant with her daughter, Karli. It was a perilous if unwitting mistake that has defined both of their lives.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol industry reliant on problem drinkers, say critics
The message to drink responsibly tags nearly every alcohol commercial. But research published today suggests that's a fairly pointless message. It shows that the majority of drinkers, as the liquor industry likes to point out, already do drink responsibly.
Budapest Business Journal (Hungary) - Report: Hungary could introduce national alcohol stores
The Hungarian government could begin drafting a new law by spring that would entail the introduction of national alcohol stores, similar to those used for the sale of tobacco in Hungary, Hungarian weekly Figyelő wrote in its latest issue, citing unnamed sources.
Medical Xpress - Genetic component of alcohol consumption confirmed in Western populations
How much alcohol you drink and how hard it affects you are rooted in your DNA. Much studied in Asian populations, this study at the University of Valencia contributes conclusive evidence to an emerging Western scientific literature on the subject.
Medical Daily - Popular Music Videos May Encourage Teens To Use Tobacco And Alcohol Through Overexposure
Popular music videos may expose teens to alcohol and tobacco imagery, and may encourage them to use the substances, according to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Communication Health.
Daily Mail (UK) - One in five over-50s risk damaging their health after turning to alcohol to cope with retirement, bereavement and loneliness
Older people are increasingly turning to booze to cope with life difficulties including retirement, bereavement and loneliness. Drink Wise, Age Well report also found that over-50s were turning to alcohol due to feeling like a failure, depressed and downhearted.
The Independent (UK) - Generation Abstemious: More and more young people are shunning alcohol
Time was when to be young and not drink was unusual, to say the least. Not any more. Oscar Quine goes non-alcoholic with Generation Abstemious and finds out why they've turned their backs on booze.
Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - ČR wants to cut alcohol and tobacco consumption by 2020
The Czech Republic wants to cut alcohol consumption by 5 percent and tobacco by 8 percent at least within five years via reduced availability and higher prices, according to the planned measures that national drug coordinator Jindrich Voboril presented yesterday.
Healio - High alcohol consumption increases risk for HCC in fatty liver disease
Researchers in Japan found that high consumption of alcohol increased the risk for hepatocellular carcinoma among patients with fatty liver disease, according to data from a retrospective cohort study.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Alcohol companies target the 20% of Australians who drink 75% of the alcohol
Researchers have known for a long time that alcohol consumption is quite concentrated in a small part of the population. They argue about the exact distribution, but there is substantial agreement that, so long as alcohol sales are not heavily restricted, consumption is distributed in a quite predictable way.

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