Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alcohol News - 38/2014

The Guardian (UK) - Ombudsman reins in insurer claims of alcohol abuse
How much booze is too much? The UK’s financial ombudsman has revealed that some insurers are unfairly accusing their customers of alcohol abuse, or labelling them alcoholics, even though medical evidence showed they only had one or two drinks.
Science World Report - People Drink More Alcohol on Gym Days, Research
In the latest study, researchers at Northwestern Education used smartphone technology as well as daily diary approach to evaluate the self-reporting physical activity and use of alcohol among 150 participants aged between 18 and 89 years. The researchers found that people drink more on gym days, particularly Thursdays through Sundays.
The Australian - Ban alcohol planes to avoid ugly travel incidents, Drug Arm Australasia urges
AUSTRALIAN airlines will continue to serve alcohol to passengers despite a series of drunken incidents resulting in planes being diverted.
Māori Television (Australia) - Auckland City Council set to change current alcohol laws
The Auckland City Council had its final Local Alcohol Policy hearing today which will change the current alcohol laws in the Auckland region.
Washington Post (USA) - Teen drug and alcohol use continues to fall, new federal data show
Drug and alcohol use among America's teens continues to trend downward, according to new numbers released today by the Department of Health and Human Services. From 2002 to 2013, the average American teenager's odds of regular (at least monthly) tobacco use nearly halved. Recreational use of prescription painkillers saw a similar decline.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Health experts reveal the long-term effects of heavy drinking
THE average person spends 315 days of their life suffering from a hangover, according to a survey. Macmillan Cancer Support carried out the study to launch their Go Sober For October fundraising campaign, which involves getting people to sponsor you not to drink during the month. But what’s actually going on when we’re hungover?
ChronicleLive (UK) - North East alcohol abuse levels highlighted by liver disease admission figures
The North East has one of the highest rates of emergency hospital admissions for alcohol-related liver disease in England, new figures show.
Euobserver (EU) - EU wakes up to its chronic disease problem
The European Union is beginning to take the problem of chronic diseases seriously - the recent EU summit on Chronic Diseases is an indication.
Johns Hopkins News-Letter - “Drink Responsibly” campaigns found to be ineffective
Vague, indeterminate and ubiquitous, the “Drink Responsibly” message featured in alcohol advertisements fails to explicate the details of safe drinking, instead promoting consumer loyalty to brands associated with such slogans. - Another look at how alcohol can be more dangerous than heroin
AN AUTHORITATIVE 2010 study led by former UK drug czar David Nutt found alcohol to be the most dangerous drug in the US.

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