Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alcohol News - 37/2014

CBS news (USA) - New stats on drug, alcohol and tobacco use by teens
Illegal drug use among teens in the United States is on the decline, according to a new federal report. Encouragingly, the new study also found that alcohol use, binge drinking and the use of tobacco products among young people between the ages of 12 and 17 also dropped between 2002 and 2013.
BBC News (Northern Ireland) - Alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland 'costs £900m a year'
The cost of alcohol abuse to taxpayers could be reduced if investment was made in early intervention services, two addiction charities have claimed.
Myanmar Times (Myanmar) - Government, parliament abstain from proposed alcohol plan
The plan urges improved education on the health effects of harmful drinking, a strictly enforced ban on the sale of alcohol to minors and restrictions on the advertising or promotion of alcohol, including a ban on the sponsorship of sporting or youth events.
Business Insider - Another Look At Why Alcohol May Be More Dangerous Than Heroin
An authoritative 2010 study led by former UK drug czar David Nutt found alcohol to be the most dangerous drug in the country. The research rated 20 drugs based on 16 criteria: nine related to the harms that a drug produces in the individual and seven to the harms to others.
The Guardian - Giving birth and boozing? The risks of drinking during pregnancy
Deciding whether to drink alcohol during pregnancy is a confusing business. Anecdotally, viewpoints on the matter range from testimonies of “I drank through the whole of my pregnancy and my child turned out fine” to reports of bartenders refusing to serve alcohol to pregnant women.
Daily Mail (India) - Judge postpones plan to ban alcohol in Kerala amid fears tourists will stop visiting the popular Indian state
Plans to make Kerala a 'dry' state have been blocked at the eleventh hour amid fears from tourism chiefs that overseas visitors will stop visiting the popular Indian state.
Daily Mail - Children given alcohol to drink by their parents to teach them to drink responsibly are MORE likely to be heavy drinkers
Parents who allow their young teenagers to drink alcohol in the hope it will teach them responsible drinking habits later on in life may be doing the opposite. (canada) - Alcohol-related disabilities 'invisible' in Canada, advocates say
FASDay, a global awareness day for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), is held on the ninth day of the ninth month for a reason. That's to drive home the point that during the nine months of pregnancy no amount of alcohol is considered medically safe.
Daily Aztec - Alcohol-free ‘Dry Periods’ aren’t working
Here at San Diego State, there has been a five-week Dry Period at the beginning of the school year for the last seven years. Dry Period is supposed to be a school-wide time for students and the surrounding areas to be alcohol-free. The night before the freshmen move in Dry Period begins and it continues through the first month of classes.
EurActiv (Scotland) - Government, industry want minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland
Though the Scottish government initiative to put a minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol has been referred to the European Court of Justice, some members of Scotland's alcohol industry are backing the initiative to tackle alcohol harm in the country.

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