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FASD News - 43/2013

Today's News-Herald (USA) - Special Needs Advocacy Coalition gives support
For Debbie Bauer, much of the day is devoted to coordinating meetings with doctors, therapists and teachers on behalf of her 12-year-old daughter, who has special needs. “It gets overwhelming,” Bauer said. “You have to get this referral, and then you go there and they send you somewhere else or they send you back.”
The Chronicle of Social Change - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in America, Pt. 3: The Criminal Justice System
Individuals with an FASD are involved with the criminal justice system at an alarming rate. Youth and adults with FASD have a form of brain damage that may make it difficult for them to stay out of trouble with the law.
The Chronicle of Social Change - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in America, Pt. 4: Educating Students with FASD
Individuals with FASD may have problems that affect learning and behavior. Therefore, it is important that we understand how alcohol impacts neurodevelopment throughout the lifespan of individuals affected.
NordAN (Estonia) - FASD mathematics from Estonia
Last week, October 24-25, several NordAN board members and representatives from member organisations participated at a conference in Marijampole in Lithuania. Conference was titled “Nordic and Baltic countries against drugs” and organized under the auspices of Lithuanian presidency of the European Union.
Keeping in Touch - FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs
FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs developed as a result of recommendations from an FASD consultation meeting in 2012 where CPNP, CAPC and AHS frontline workers and coordinators recognized the need for practical information and steps to support FASD informed practice.
Culture War Reporters - Shame Day: How I Met Your Mother and FASD
I’ve fallen in love with How I Met Your Mother. I chose my timing wisely, waiting until the very last season began to air before I let myself become sucked in. As a member of the generation of binge or marathon watchers (depending on what kind of spin you want to give to it) I just can’t handle waiting each week for a new episode. This way the control is in my hands.

Irish Foster Carers Association - PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS with Neurodevelopmental Disorders including FAS or ARND
This document has been over 6 years in gestation since the first author’s ( KOM ) return to Ireland from the USA in 2006, and the continuation of his psychiatric consultation work with children exposed to alcohol in pregnancy.
The Invisible Children and Families of FASD part 1
FASD: Dealing With Stealing - Nathan Ory
In Part Two of a two part video set dealing with stealing, Nathan Ory speaks about strategies and approaches to use when kids steal.
YourAlberta - Values and Addiction – FASD
Kirsty Prasad reflects on our beliefs of women who use substances, gives an overview of myths and facts in order to provide information for practice and gives an introduction to the topic of gender and addiction.

2013 Alberta FASD Conference
This important multidisciplinary conference is focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and its impact on individuals, families, communities and society at large. The conference will feature keynote presentations and over 30 breakout sessions on the latest practices in FASD prevention, assessment and support.

Pediatrics - Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Child Care Settings: A Meta-analysis
The results confirm that children and youth housed in or under the guardianship of the wide range of child-care systems constitute a population that is high-risk for FASD. It is imperative that screening be implemented in these at-risk populations.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - Drinking or Not Drinking in Pregnancy: The Multiplicity of Confounding Influences
Significant differences were observed between the intake groups on virtually all parameters. Significant differences were observed between the abstaining groups and the high-intake groups. The exploratory factor analyses identified a number of latent variables between the potential confounding variables.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - What Research Is Being Done on Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the Russian Research Community?
Alcohol preventive measures in Russia warrant immediate attention. More research focused on alcohol prevention and policy is needed in order to reduce alcohol-related harm, especially in the field of FASD.
Otago University - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis and intervention: An investigation of professional practice in New Zealand
The research presented in this thesis is theoretically and methodologically grounded in applied medical anthropology, involving extensive participant- observation fieldwork in health and allied health training contexts in New Zealand and internationally. Over thirty in-depth semi-structured interviews were carried out with health, allied health and social service professionals in New Zealand.

SBS (Burma) - FASD Funding review causes concern
The World Health Organisation says Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the number one preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disability globally.

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