Monday, October 28, 2013

Alcohol News - 43/2013

USA TODAY (USA) - Police, experts: Alcohol most common in sexual assaults
Date rape drugs. Roofies. Liquid ecstasy. Special K. Odorless, colorless, tasteless predators that leave prey weak, confused and vulnerable. They are part of the standard plotline in many television thrillers, and a mythology has built around their pervasiveness.
BBC (Scotland/Estonia) - Alex Neil to address Estonian conference on alcohol
Scotland's health secretary Alex Neil will travel to Estonia this week to address a conference on alcohol.
The Chronicle of Social Change (USA) - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in America, Pt. 4: Educating Students with FASD
Individuals with FASD may have problems that affect learning and behavior. Therefore, it is important that we understand how alcohol impacts neurodevelopment throughout the lifespan of individuals affected.
Journal of Turkish Weekly (Turkey) - Deputy PM claims no ban on alcohol in Turkey
Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan has noted the impossibility of enacting bans on alcohol, noting their failure during Ottoman times, while claiming recent restrictions on drinks do not amount to a prohibition.
ABC News (USA) - New Women Alcoholics: 'Looking at Red Wine Like It's Chocolate'
Ann Dowsett Johnston vowed she would never be like her mother, a "poster girl" for alcoholism, who drank during the day and mixed her cocktails with Valium.
aidsmap - Social problems and drug and alcohol problems common among people who develop AIDS despite long-term HIV care
Psychiatric, drug, alcohol and social care problems are highly prevalent among people who develop serious AIDS-defining illnesses well after their diagnosis with HIV, UK research published in Sexually Transmitted Infections shows. (Ireland) - Government to set minimum prices for alcoholic drinks
The Government is to curb the advertising of alcohol and set minimum prices for drinks based on their alcohol content in a new Public Health Bill.
Russia Beyond The Headlines (Russia) - Booze, alkie, half-liter: A Russian dictionary of alcohol
Arguably, the word “to drink” has more synonyms than any other in Russian. “To yank,” “to nip,” “to cut into,” “to knock back.” – all these verbs, and many others, are used in Russian to refer to the process of consuming alcohol.
Science Daily (Finland) - Excessive Alcohol Consumption Increases Progression of Atherosclerosis, Risk of Stroke
A Finnish population-based study showed that binge drinking was associated with increased atherosclerotic progression in an 11-year follow-up of middle-aged men. The progression of atherosclerosis was increased among men who consumed 6 drinks or more on one occasion. In addition, the risk of stroke increased among men who had at least one hangover per year.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Broad welcome for minimum pricing for alcohol but regret at U-turn on sports sponsorship
There has been a broad welcome for the Government’s measures aimed at tackling alcohol abuse, although health campaigners criticised the failure to include a prohibition on alcohol companies sponsoring sporting events, while the drinks industry itself questioned the legality of minimum pricing.
PR Web - New Research from Mount Sinai on Alcohol Could Spur Development of Antidote
Scientists now understand how alcohol alters the activity of brain proteins. Ethanol, the alcohol found in beer, wine, and spirits, impairs communication between nerve cells in the brain, affecting our perception and behavior.
The Conversation - Recruiting government advisers to alcohol lobby is too easy
The appointment of senior civil servant David Frost as Chief Executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, one of the alcohol industry’s most aggressive lobby groups, is just the latest high profile case of the revolving door between government advisers and large corporations.
ForUm (Ukraine) - Parliament proposed to ban advertising of alcohol and tobacco products
During the meeting the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration approved the draft law "On amendments to Article 22 of the law of Ukraine on advertising"(regarding the prohibition of alcohol, low-alcohol beverages, beer, tobacco products and brands)", ForUm correspondent reports.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Destroying our health is big business
We should put the interests of the public before those of the companies who sell us drink, cigarettes and bad food, says Evelyn Gillan.

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