Monday, November 11, 2013

Alcohol News - 45/2013 (Qatar) - Qatar in clampdown on alcohol sales in hotel pools and beaches
Authorities in Qatar issued a written notice to hotel managers at the weekend banning the sale of alcohol in swimming pool areas or on the beach, leading to the last minute cancellation of some beach parties around the capital Doha, it was reported.
Reuters - Mixing caffeine, alcohol common for underage drinkers
College-age drinkers who mix caffeine and alcohol are more likely to make risky decisions and require medical care, research has shown. A new study suggests younger drinkers often combine caffeine and alcohol as well.
Huffington Post (USA) - Too Many Young People Seeing Alcohol TV Ads, Study Finds
A new study reveals that one in four alcohol TV ads shown in major markets don't abide by voluntary standards set by the industry, which involve not being shown during shows where at least 30 percent of the audience is under 21.
The Independent (UK) - Staff 'should be tested' for alcohol misuse in the workplace
Employees should be tested in the work place for signs of alcohol misuse, according to recommendations made in an article in a leading medical journal.
Times of India - Stress, booze worst stroke triggers
Stress and alcohol are the primary immediate triggers for stroke in Indian men but sexual activity could also set off the life-threatening condition, a cross-sectional survey of patients conducted by AIIMS has found.
National Institutes of Health - NIH-funded study finds that gabapentin may treat alcohol dependence
The generic anticonvulsant medication gabapentin shows promise as an effective treatment for alcohol dependence, based on the results of a 150-patient clinical trial of the medication.
ABC Online (Australia) - Parents urged not to give alcohol to their kids
The State Government has launched a new campaign warning parents about the dangers of supplying alcohol to children.
Science World Report - Alcohol and Aggression: Neurological, Environmental Factors may Contribute to Issue
A recent study looks at the links between alcohol-related aggression and certain social and neurobiological factors that may contribute to the issue.
Daily Mail (UK) - 'Let's get wasted!' Sick app that encourages teens to binge drink prompts calls for Apple and Google to ban more than 340 alcohol-related games
A Health Minister last night led calls for a ban on ‘dangerous’ mobile phone apps that encourage young people to binge-drink. Norman Lamb, the Lib Dem Minister for Care, called on Google and Apple to launch an urgent investigation into ‘irresponsible’ drinking games sold through their online markets, which could fuel drink-related health problems and anti-social behaviour.
NL Times (Netherlands) – More Young people to hospital due to alcohol
The number of young people who ended up in hospital because of alcohol, has increased fourfold between 2001 and 2011. This is clear from the Annual Report of the National Drug Monitor of the Trimbos Institute.
RedOrbit - A Little Alcohol With Your Acetaminophen Could Damage Kidneys
Some people looking for mild pain relief after a strenuous workout or mild injury might take Tylenol and wash it down with a cold beer. However, that practice could be doing serious kidney damage, according to a new study presented on Monday at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Boston.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Alarm at increase in alcohol deaths
The number of people who died from alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland increased by 40% in under a decade, it has been revealed. (UK) - Online alcohol marketing encourages 'culture of intoxication' in young people, study suggests
Online alcohol marketing aimed at young adults encourages a ''culture of intoxication'', a study has suggested. Young people tend to view targeted alcohol marketing via social media sites as ''useful and informative'' instead of recognising it as advertising, the research found.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol and tobacco push up prices
There was a marginal rise in consumer prices last month, while industrial output recorded an increase of 3% in September. (EU) - EU alcohol and health forum 'not sufficiently effective' in reducing harm
Simon Olsson explains why several NGOs recently took the decision to leave the EU's alcohol and health forum (EAHF). Active-sobriety, friendship and peace, IOGT-NTO, European youth forum and UNF - the Swedish youth temperance association have decided to step out of the EAHF. (Netherlands) - Alcohol ban in Amsterdam
Drinkers in public spaces in the centre of Amsterdam will face a 90 Euro fine for six months, according to new legislation aimed at curbing the level of public disturbances near Dam square and the coach terminal.
ABC Local (Australia) - Hospitalisation rates for alcohol related causes are 10 times the state average in Kalgoorlie
Visiting the Goldfields this week, one of the world's leading experts on alcohol policy Sir Ian Gilmore said a one sized approach to alcohol limits don't work.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - NZ must cut bar trading hours - researcher
Prof Miller, a leading Australian alcohol researcher, says to reduce the harm caused by drinking our bars and pubs need to reduce their opening hours.

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