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Alcohol News - 17/2021

BBC (Australia) - Facebook: Smoking and alcohol ads 'target Australian children'
Facebook approved adverts targeting teenage children interested in gambling, smoking and extreme weight loss, a report says.
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EurekAlert - Alcohol and sexist attitudes combine to increase male violence towards women
Researchers have long known that problem drinking increases a man's likelihood of being violent towards his wife or girlfriend, but a new study published today by the scientific journal Addiction suggests that this relationship between drinking and violence is also affected by the man's attitude toward women's equality; that is, toxic masculinity also plays a role.
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Penn State University - Parents more lenient about alcohol with teens who experience puberty early
Parents of teens who went through puberty early may be more lenient when it comes to letting them consume alcohol, according to a new Penn State study. But the researchers said that even if adolescents appear more mature, drinking alcohol is still not safe for them.
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Macau Business (China) - Alcohol-related traffic accidents drop after China criminalizes drunk driving
Alcohol-related traffic accidents with casualties have dropped by more than 20,000 in the 10 years since China criminalized drunk driving in 2011, compared with the 2000 to 2010 period.
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CBC (Canada) - Torontonians won't be allowed to drink alcohol in parks this summer as committee quashes motion
A motion that would've allowed legal drinking in city parks was sent back to staff for further study by a unanimous economic and community development committee Tuesday, with Coun. James Pasternak calling it a "terrible idea" that's inappropriate, unenforceable and a "gross violation of public advice."
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Stylist - Sober Curious: Ruby Warrington on how to drink less alcohol in social situations
Worried about the pressure to drink socially now the world is re-opening? Ruby Warrington, the author of the book Sober Curious, has some advice that will help you reduce your alcohol intake in social situations.
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The New York Times (USA) - New York State Will Stop Requiring That Food Must Be Ordered With Alcohol
The leaders of the New York State Legislature said Tuesday they would move on the next day to suspend a  pandemic directive that required customers to order food when purchasing alcohol at bars and restaurants.
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BNN (Lithuania) - Lithuania’s high alcohol consumption drops, tough restrictions to be reviewed
Lithuanians were some years ago the world’s heaviest drinking nation. This prompted legislators to increase the legal drinking age to 20, reduce alcohol sales hours and to ban the advertising of alcohol. The current members of the Seimas seek to ease the restrictions, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.
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The Independent - Is social media really increasing drinking in children and young adults? The picture is far from clear
Alcohol remains part of our culture and we are duty bound to protect those vulnerable to its effects, writes Tony Rao. But there is still much more that we need to know about how social media influences drinking in children and younger people.
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Scoop (New Zealand) - Kiwis Want Bigger Fines For Drunk And Disorderly Behaviour
Almost three-quarters (74%) of New Zealanders support tougher penalties for drunk and disorderly behaviour according to industry research. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds (65%) support on-the-spot fines minor alcohol-related offences, says the NZ Alcohol Beverages Council (NZABC).
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British Liver Trust (UK) - ITV reports on the alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths in the UK
Tonight ITV highlighted the alarming rise in alcohol-related deaths in the UK since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The British Liver Trust are aware that many people have been drinking more alcohol since March 2020 when the first lockdown began.
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Abt Associates - Why We Need To Talk About Women and Alcohol
Scroll through Instagram or other social networks and you might see regular posts from women sharing their favorite wines or expressing need for a mommy happy hour.
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