Thursday, April 8, 2021

Alcohol News - 14/2021

La Trobe University - 'Mummy Wine' culture on social media is not just a fun meme and may be doing harm
Women are judged as parents in a way that men are not and Facebook pages with names such as 'Mummy Needs Wine', 'Mummy Drinks Wine and Swears', and 'Mummy Needs a Vodka'  offer women a connection to other mothers facing stresses of parenthood but Aussie experts say these sites may also have a darker side.
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Harvard Health - Women, alcohol, and COVID-19
Excessive alcohol use is a common response to coping with stress. Alcohol use increased following the September 11th terrorist attacks and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The COVID-19 pandemic is following this same path.
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Policy Options (Canada) - COVID-19 shows us why Canada needs a federal alcohol act
Alcohol misuse accounts for 38 per cent of all health care costs. Canadians are drinking more. This is a perfect policy window to implement an act.
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WSTM (USA) - Alcohol-related liver disease on the rise, primarily in young women
Over the past year, doctors are seeing more cases of liver disease linked to alcohol addiction. This coincides with a spike in alcohol sales and more cases surfacing in younger women.
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Medical News Bulletin - The true costs of excessive alcohol consumption
While no one would argue that drinking alcohol is healthy, there’s a big difference between enjoying the occasional drink or social evening and developing a dependency. Unfortunately, those lines easily become blurred for some, and it can be challenging for someone to recognize that shift in their behavior.
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Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finland’s alcohol consumption decreases but ecstasy-related deaths continue to rise: Today’s news roundup
According to the latest statistics from the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), alcohol consumption in the country dropped significantly last year, with per capita consumption reaching a record low.
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Anadolu Agency (France) - France bans alcohol, large public gatherings to fight COVID
French Prime Minister Jean Castex said Thursday that consumption of alcohol in outdoor public spaces and gatherings of more than six people on riverbanks or in squares will be banned as part of the limited nationwide lockdown to be imposed to prevent a surge in COVID-19 infections.
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Northwestern Medicine - How Alcohol Impacts the Brain
While having a drink from time to time is unlikely to cause health problems, moderate or heavy drinking can impact the brain. And, alcohol abuse can cause deficits over time.
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Alcohol and Cancer – Alcohol and breast cancer
Alcohol consumption increases risk for breast cancer, as demonstrated by a large body of research. The more one drinks, the higher the risk, and even light drinking increases risk. Research on interactions between alcohol consumption and other lifestyle and demographic factors reveals more complicated results.
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