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Alcohol News - 12/2021

Elemental - Why Alcohol Is More Dangerous for Women
It’s no surprise to anyone that drinking has increased dramatically as a result of the pandemic. As a pattern, drinking increases with any extreme stressor, and recent market research shows that alcohol sales went up by 55% during the pandemic’s peak.
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CNN (USA) - Americans spent the pandemic stocking up on booze. That may be changing
For the first time in a year, since Covid-19 began spreading across the United States forcing Americans to stay home, retail alcohol sales have fallen. That's according to newly released data from Nielsen, which reported that total sales declined 1.9% for the week ending March 13.
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The Conversation (South Africa) - We tested claims that limiting alcohol advertising in South Africa would violate Rights
The lockdown restrictions introduced in South Africa to curb the initial spread of COVID-19 in March 2020 were the tightest in the world. They included a ban on alcohol sales.
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Science Alert - Our Brains Could Be Directly Involved in Processing Alcohol, Mouse Study Hints
Despite alcohol being a common recreational substance we've been drinking for at least 12,000 years, it seems we still don't fully understand just what it does inside our bodies... or brains, for that matter.
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TASS (Russia) - Finance Ministry sees no reason to increase alcohol prices in Russia until end of year
Russia's Ministry of Finance sees no prerequisites for an increase in prices for alcoholic beverages in Russia until the end of 2021, according to the statement posted on the ministry's website on Wednesday.
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The Times (UK) - Safety chiefs call for alcohol locks to tackle drink-driving
European-style “alcolocks” should routinely be fitted to cars to curb persistently high drink-driving rates in the UK, ministers have been told.
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The Wall Street Journal - How to Talk to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol
Adults are increasing their use of alcohol and drugs to cope with pandemic-related stress. Jessica Lahey worries that many teens will be tempted to do the same.
Read more - Kids allowed to sip alcohol start to see booze more favorably, study finds
Kids often get their first taste of alcohol from a parent, sipping a little from mom or dad’s glass to find out what the big deal is about.
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The Hill (EU/US) - Alcohol industry urges permanent removal of all US, EU and UK tariffs
The alcohol industry on Tuesday formed the Toasts Not Tariffs Coalition to advocate for the permanent removal of all U.S., European Union and United Kingdom tariffs on its products.
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MooseJawToday (Canada) - Stress of pandemic causing Canadians to consume more alcohol, cannabis: survey
The pandemic is amplifying the relationship between mental health issues and substance abuse, a survey suggests, as Canadians who consume alcohol or smoke cannabis report an increased use during the last year.
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IOL (South Africa) - NGO wants liquor outlets to be closed at 6pm during Easter holidays
The non-profit group Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (Saapa) says liquor outlets should be closed by 6pm over the Easter holidays.
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YLE (Finland) - Study aims to uncover hidden alcohol use during pregnancy
Researchers plan to test pregnant women’s urine for drugs, nicotine and alcohol to uncover hidden use during pregnancy. The study aims to gain a better understanding of substance abuse during pregnancy to help target therapies for children exposed in utero.
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