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Alcohol News - 23/2020

WHO Europe (Europe) - Alcohol labelling policies: most countries lagging behind in promoting healthier choices
According to a new report, labelling of alcoholic beverages is not consistent or even considered in many countries in the WHO European Region. The new Health Evidence Network (HEN) synthesis report on alcohol labelling across the Region is the first systematic study that covers the different ways countries label alcoholic beverages and sets out policy options for authorities to consider.
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The Guardian (Australia) - Harm from drinking alcohol at home spikes in Australia amid coronavirus
The director of emergency medicine research at one of Australia’s busiest hospitals says she has seen “extreme examples of people with severe alcohol dependency and intoxication” throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and that while less people are being harmed due to alcohol-related street and bar injuries and accidents, more harm is occurring in homes.
Read more - Alcohol consumption substantially higher for females during COVID-19
The novel coronavirus pandemic forced many countries into lockdown, requiring people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The dramatic change to life has left many people in distress, affecting psychological and emotional wellbeing.
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GMA (USA) - New cancer prevention guidelines call for no alcohol consumption
In a major change, the American Cancer Society is now saying that cutting alcohol out of your diet completely is best for cancer reduction and prevention.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol off-sales drop credited to minimum unit pricing
There has been a decline in alcohol consumption in Scotland's population, official data suggests. A report published by Public Health Scotland said there had been a reduction of between 4% and 5% in Scotland's shops in the year after minimum unit pricing was introduced.
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Bloomberg (South Africa) - Trauma Wards Fill Up in South Africa After Alcohol Ban Is Lifted
Trauma admissions in South African hospitals have surged since a nine-week ban on alcohol sales was lifted on June 1, filling beds needed to accommodate a rapid rise in coronavirus patients.
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Bangkok Post (Thailand) - New debate over alcohol law
A debate over Thailand’s alcohol control law has resumed after hundreds of online users and operators were fined in recent months.
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ERR News (Estonia) - Lower prices, rising wages, led to increased alcohol consumption in 2019
Alcohol consumption in Estonia rose in 2019, as the effects of both a reduction in excise duties and rising income made themselves known, according to recent research. At the same time, recorded intoxication rates and those of alcohol-related deaths also rose.
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University of Eastern Finland (Finland) - Researchers put a price tag on alcohol use
Alcohol use disorders are associated with high social welfare and health care costs – but what causes them? A new Finnish study looks at the magnitude and reasons behind the economic burden alcohol use disorders have on society.
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The Brussels Times (Belgium) - 1 in 5 Flemish people drink more alcohol during lockdown
One in five Flemish people drank more alcohol during the lockdown, and that figure is even higher among highly educated people, according to figures by the Flemish Alcohol and Other Drugs Expertise Centre (VAD).
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Mirage News - Exposing children to alcohol advertising leads to increased uptake and intake
With sport firmly back on Australians’ television screens as the AFL season restarts this Thursday, Monash researchers have highlighted the continuing problem of children’s exposure to alcohol advertising when watching sport.
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Brno Daily (Chech Republic) - Brno Councillors Propose Ban On Alcohol Consumption in Squares and Parks During The Night
A proposed new anti-alcohol decree will prohibit alcohol consumption after midnight in the city’s squares, and after 10pm in parks. The decree should also simplify the process of permitting alcohol consumption at public events.
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Republic World (Canada) - Canada's Chief Health Officer Worried About Increase In Consumption Of Alcohol, Junk Food
She is concerned about the mental health of Canadians because of an increase in alcohol and junk food consumption during the last few months of the pandemic.
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Newsroom (New Zealand) - No place for alcohol industry in classroom
By allowing the alcohol industry to look like they are ‘doing something’ by funding education programmes in schools hides their less altruistic practices.
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Balance North East (UK) - Renewed calls for MUP in England as new Scottish data released
The introduction of a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol in Scotland is working and should be introduced in England without delay, according to Balance.
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Monash University (Australia) - An avalanche of alcohol ads is coming, and there’s little protection for children
When the 2020 footy season restarts this week, the stadiums will be a very different place. No crowds, no meat pies, and no beer.
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Eurocare (Netherlands) - Advertising of Dutch gin at the expense of the EU
The European Union, which is home to the world's largest boozers, has a variety of programs to discourage alcohol consumption. But helping Americans with an EU subsidy to help the Dutch neutral does not seem to be a problem. The Dutch State Secretary Blokhuis of Health thinks the subsidy is therefore inappropriate, he says in a response.
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