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Alcohol News - 21/2020

InDaily (Australia) - Domestic violence concern over virus-prompted alcohol spike
Up to 20 per cent of South Australians have increased their average weekly alcohol intake in response to COVID-19, the state’s peak drug and alcohol group says, prompting concerns of a rise in family violence.
Read more (Canada) - N.S. government falling short in addressing alcohol abuse during pandemic: expert
While alcohol revenues skyrocket across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nova Scotia is doing little to counter the devastating effects of alcohol abuse in the province, says an addictions expert. 
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NBC New York (USA) - Alcohol, Drug Use Contributing to NYC Child Abuse, but Reports Remain Dangerously Low
Between March 23 and May 17, there were 5,375 tips to the State Central Register, New York’s child abuse hotline — during the same time period in 2019, there were 10,989 tips, according to ACS.
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Medical Xpress - Reducing neighborhood crime: Place management of alcohol outlets
Recent research from the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation and the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health suggests that neighborhood crime may be reduced by enhancing "place management" resources in and around off-premise alcohol sales outlets, particularly at small and independent stores.
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Phys.Org (Scotland) - New report reveals impact of minimum unit pricing for alcohol on small retailers
The Scottish Government's minimum unit pricing policy has been implemented as intended by small retailers in Scotland, according to new research carried out by the University of Stirling.
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Forbes (USA) - Pandemic’s Boozy Legacy: To-Go Alcohol Could Stick Around In New York, Texas
Many areas across the country have allowed restaurants and bars to sell alcohol either to go or for delivery while dine-in business has shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, though some are looking to make the change permanent, even as dining rooms begin to reopen.
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Balance (UK) - New study shows poor are more at risk of alcohol-related violence
Balance and Police and Crime Commissioners have expressed concern at a major new report showing people in the poorest areas are more at risk of alcohol-related violence.
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IAS (UK) - Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: What we know so far about its effects on consumption and health harms
Media reports have been mixed, with some claiming the policy has been a success and others claiming it has been a failure. This briefing attempts to summarise this evidence to draw conclusions about the impact of MUP based on what we know so far.
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AICR - Experiencing Stress? Don’t Turn to Alcohol
Do you find yourself reaching for a beer or glass of wine when you’re feeling stressed? Turning to alcohol to relieve stress is not uncommon, but it is not a long-term and healthy solution to coping with the negative effects of stress.
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News Medical - Why Wine is Damaging Our Body More Than We Thought
A leisurely glass of red wine with a good meal never hurt anyone – or did it? Many ‘experts’ point out that wine is not always harmful, and in fact, a little of it every day can help your stomach and ward off many illnesses, as the Good Book says.
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MDPI - Special Issue "Alcohol Policy and Public Health"
The Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol was released by the WHO in 2010 with the expectation that it would encourage member states to more systematically institute evidence-based strategies to address alcohol problems. This strategy has had mixed success, with some now calling for stronger collective action at an international level, including implementation of a Framework Convention on Alcohol Control (FCAC).
Read more - In This Together: You, Alcohol and COVID-19
On the podcast this week - special guest Julia Stafford from Alcohol Policy WA talks to us about the predatory marketing tactics used by the #alcohol industry during #COVID19 and what we can do to keep industry accountable.
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VicHealth (Australia) - Cowboy alcohol delivery services choose profits over safety
VicHealth is calling out the dangerous practices of on-demand alcohol delivery giants like UberEats and BWS Online after new research reveals these services fail to meet the basic safety standards of alcohol service.
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