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Alcohol News - 18/2020

The Conversation UK - Coronavirus: why managed alcohol programmes are essential for problem drinkers who are homeless
People who are homeless are being particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Common health problems such as respiratory disease put people who are homeless at more risk and self-isolation is impossible if you are living on the streets or in temporary accommodation.
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For many people with alcohol use disorder, certain cues — like seeing a glass of wine in a movie, or a happy hour through a bar window — can trigger powerful drinking-related memories long after becoming sober. These cues can set off intense cravings for alcohol and cause relapse even after years of abstinence.
Read more - Variety of beverage options leads people to drink less alcohol
A British study finds that people are more likely to choose alcohol-free options if they outnumber boozy choices.
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UVic News (Canada) - Alcohol warning labels reduce sales, change minds
Colourful, highly visible warning labels applied to bottles and cans of alcohol in Yukon’s largest liquor store prompted many people in Canada’s highest-alcohol-consuming region to cut back on their drinking.
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Science Daily - Genetic study ties higher alcohol consumption to increased stroke and PAD risk
Using genetic analysis, researchers found higher alcohol consumption increased risks for stroke and peripheral artery disease (PAD). Studies using genetic analysis don't rely on observational data, which often use self-reported data and could be subject to unreported risk factors.
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The Guardian (UK) - Problem drinking soars under UK lockdown, say addiction experts
Problem drinkers are consuming far more alcohol than usual because they are so stressed at being isolated and deprived of support under the lockdown, doctors have revealed.
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Newshub (New Zealand) - New Zealand's relationship with alcohol
The study highlights all of New Zealand's alcohol problems, a timely reminder as people are picking up the worrying trend of boredom drinking in lockdown.
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The Globe and Mail (India) - Delhi imposes 70% 'corona tax' on alcohol to deter large crowds
Officials in India's capital have imposed a special tax of 70% on retail liquor purchases to deter large gatherings at stores as authorities ease a lockdown.
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TASS (Russia) - Russian health minister warns against alcohol abuse during pandemic
Alcohol use in Russia has risen by 2-3% in the period of self-isolation measures introduced to combat the novel coronavirus pandemic, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko informed.
Read more (Ireland) - We shouldn't use alcohol to blot out reality
I drink. Probably more than is good for me. That's what I'm inclined to put down on medical questionnaires. Yet I don't know when I was last in a pub. Certainly it is probably more than a year ago.
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The Thaiger (Thailand) - Lifting of alcohol ban sees resurgence in road carnage
With the alcohol ban lifted the carnage has resumed on Thailand’s roads. The national alcohol ban was lifted in all 76 of Thailand’s provinces, plus Bangkok, last Sunday. The sale and transport of alcohol was banned as part of the national state of emergency in order to stop people drinking and socialising during the Covid-19 crisis.
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NTCOSS (Australia) - Alcohol-related harm in the Territory falls: Minimum Unit Price report
The Northern Territory has experienced significant reductions in alcohol-related violence and harm since October 2018, according to the Northern Territory Government’s report into the introduction of a minimum unit price (MUP or floor price) on alcohol.
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pan-European survey is to link alcohol intake to experiences regarding the current COVID19 pandemic. With the outbreak of COVID19 in Europe, political actions by national governments led to changes in daily and public life in many places, including possible changes in alcohol consumption.
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