Thursday, July 18, 2019

Alcohol News - 29/2019

The Sydney Morning Herald - 'Second-hand drinking' damage is more common than you may think
I had a boyfriend once whose friends knew him by two names: his given name, when he was sober, and his alter-ego name, when he was drunk.
Paste Magazine (Germany) - Study Suggests Alcohol Causes Skin to Sunburn Faster
Going to the beach is already something of a stressful event for those of us who sunburn easily, or are concerned about the threat of skin cancer, but the results of a new study suggest one of our favorite beach pastimes puts human beings in even more risk. This German study found that the consumption of alcohol may be directly linked to skin sunburning at a faster rate.
10 daily - Dear Men: You Need To Give Up Drinking While Your Partner Is Pregnant
This month celebrity personal trainer Sam Wood told his Instagram followers that he chose to give up alcohol as soon as his wife Snezana became pregnant with their second child.
Edinburgh Live (Scotland) - Edinburgh health bosses slammed after holding back £1.4 million in drug and alcohol funding to plug gap
Health bosses have been labelled “perverse” after holding back £1.4m of drug and alcohol addiction funding in order to help fill a black hole in under-pressure finances.
Charlestown Patriot Bridge - Yes, Drugs Are Bad, But Alcohol Is Still the Worst
We’ve all become aware of the opioid epidemic that has spread throughout the country in recent years and that has been responsible for about 60,000 premature deaths annually in the United States.
Sky News (UK) - Alcohol-related illness and death will rise unless action taken, health chiefs warn
The UK will continue on an "alarming trajectory" of alcohol-related ill health and deaths unless the government prioritises plans to tackle drinking, healthcare organisations have warned.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - 'Pervasive addiction' - Psychiatrists call for rise in NZ's alcohol-buying age, price hikes
Psychiatrists are calling for wide-ranging restrictions on alcohol including raising the purchase age back to 20, price increases and an advertising ban, saying alcohol harm remains the most pervasive addiction problem in New Zealand.
Xinhua (Spain) - Study shows effect of alcohol and drugs on road deaths in Spain
The results of a study published by the Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Science (INTCF) on Wednesday highlighted the role that alcohol or drugs played in provoking fatal accidents on roads in Spain in 2018.
ABC Local (Australia) - 'A powerful message': Should alcohol products be branded with warnings about the cancer risk?
Most Australians are aware of the cancer risk associated with smoking, unprotected sun exposure and asbestos — but what about drinking alcohol?
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - De Belin lawyer argues cutting alcohol ads better than stand-downs
Reducing the prevalence of alcohol advertising is one of several alternatives to the controversial "no fault" stand-down rule the NRL should have implemented if it was serious about curbing poor player behaviour, Jack de Belin’s lawyers claim.
Medical Daily - Study: Seeing Trees Can Help Reduce Cravings For Food, Alcohol And Cigarettes
To those trying to avoid or reduce consumption of food, nature might help you. A new study suggests that seeing spaces with trees and plants could help reduce cravings for food as well as alcohol and cigarettes.
RMIT University - Toxic cocktail of booze, drugs key cause for medical care at festivals
Four in five Australian music festival attendees that seek medical help are consuming an average of 15 standard drinks when using drugs, finds a new report.
Baltic Times (Finland) - Finland to await impact of Estonia, Latvia before increasing excise duties on alcohol
The Finnish government intends to raise the rates of excise levies on alcohol, expecting to increase excise duty receipts by 50 million euros, however, before the change is implemented, the impact of Estonia and Latvia lowering their rates must be analyzed, public broadcaster ERR reports.
Cancer Health (USA) - Should Alcoholic Drinks Carry Cancer Warnings?
Many Americans don’t consider their drinking habits a major risk factor for cancer. But consumer groups and public health agencies are calling for federal regulators to add warning labels to alcoholic drinks indicating the connection. Alcohol manufacturers are pushing back, CBS News reports.
Lusaka Times (Zambia) - Tobacco, Alcohol Fueling Cancer
A breast cancer expert has warned that increased tobacco and alcohol intake is fueling breast cancer cases among women in the country.
Quartz (Qatar) - Beer is giving 2022 World Cup host Qatar a headache
On Jan. 1, Qatar hiked the price of booze by 100%. This week, the Arab Gulf nation slashed prices by about 30%. Despite the price cut, a case of beer at Qatar’s sole liquor store will still put a dent in the pocket of thirsty consumers at roughly $64, according to Bloomberg—about $2.66 a beverage.

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