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Alcohol News - 17/2019

Bustle (USA) - How Much Do People Spend On Alcohol? An Analysis Shows How Much People In U.S. Cities Spend Over A Lifetime
Recently,, an alcohol use disorder resource, looked at how much people spend on alcohol over the course of a year — and over the course of a lifetime. The results might just make your bank balance wince.
University of Cape Town News (South Africa) - A minimum unit price on alcohol could limit heavy drinking
In May 2018, Scotland introduced a minimum unit price of 50p per unit (8g) of alcohol, with the aim of reducing abusive drinking. Research had shown that a large proportion of very cheap alcohol consumed in Scotland took the form of heavy drinking, resulting in drunkenness and other socially unacceptable behaviour.
MuMbrella (Australia) - Junk food and alcohol ads scrapped by Queensland government
Queensland’s state government has announced it will ban junk food and alcohol ads at government-owned outdoor sites in an effort to combat childhood obesity.
Quartz - Why faking positive emotions at work can lead to heavier alcohol consumption
Here’s an experiment. Think of the last time you had a rough night at home: your kid threw a fit; your partner was insensitive; the bills were too high; your parents demanded too much. Now think of the next morning, when, being short on rest and patience, you went to work and forced a smile. You acted like everything was fine, even though internally, you felt way off your game.
The Brussels Times - University study finds reason to ban advertising of alcohol
A total ban on the advertising of alcohol is necessary from the public health point of view, according to a study conducted at the University of Ghent for the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (Belspo) and relayed on Wednesday by the newspaper De Morgen.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Half of Russia’s Alcohol Sold Illegally, Regulators Say
Almost half of the alcohol products sold in Russia last year were on the market illegally, the state Federal Alcohol Market Regulation Service (Rosalkogolregulirovanie) said this week. (Greece) - A third of Greeks drive under influence of alcohol
More than a third of Greek motorists drive while under the influence of alcohol, significantly above the European Union average, according to the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Alcohol abuse a massive role in emergency incidents in Cape
Injuries related to alcohol abuse plays a dominant role in the province and is an increasing societal problem which is impacting and placing strain on the Western Cape Government Health Emergency Centres in the Cape Town Metropole.
Healthline - How ‘Mommy Juice’ Culture Is Normalizing Alcohol Addiction
If you think it’s becoming more difficult to avoid seeing phrases like that on social media, you’re not alone. Between memes, jokes between friends, and even movies dedicated to women and their love for wine, it can sometimes feel like there’s no escaping the “mommy juice” banter.
The Federalist - Almost Everything You Know About Alcohol Prohibition Is Wrong
We should stop comparing alcohol prohibition to other kinds of prohibition. Yes, it did fail, but the reasons for its failure cannot be extrapolated to other forms of prohibition.
EurekAlert (Australia) - Heavy drinkers consuming more than half of all alcohol
La Trobe University researchers have found the heaviest drinking 10 per cent of Australians drink over half the alcohol consumed in Australia, downing an average of six standard drinks per day.
VICE (India) - 'Ban Alcohol or We Won't Vote': Rural Women in South India Warn Political Leaders
Reeling from the consequences of rampant alcoholism among men in rural areas, many women in the south Indian state of Karnataka are protesting using their vote.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Tax evasion on alcohol sales increases in Belgium
Last year, excise duty evaded on beer, wine and spirits amounted to 17 million euros and 10.9 million in 2017, it emerged from Roel Deseyn's (CD&V) written question to the minister of finance Alexander De Croo (Open Vld), De Tijd reported on Tuesday. - April Is Alcohol Awareness Month: The Wide Spectrum of Alcohol Use Disorder
I used to work with a guy who ate a half of a donut and let the other half sit on his desk for the rest of the day. It didn’t bother him, but it drove me crazy. I couldn’t concentrate on anything he said with that tasty pastry lying there.
MyNation - World Liver Day: Here's how social drinking is killing your liver
The liver is one of the most hardworking organs in your body and it turns out your weekend party-mode may just be causing irreparable harm to your liver.
Vietnamnet (Vietnam) - VN lacks tight control over alcohol consumption
Vietnamese people consume alcoholic beverages in excess but the country lacks specific regulations for prevention of its harmful effects, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son has said.
South China Morning Post - How binge drinking – even if you stop before you’re pregnant – can harm your baby’s life chances
Studies suggests that drinking while pregnant can affect children and grandchildren, and even drinking before conception can have harmful effects.
The Standard (Australia) - More than a quarter of family violence incidents involve alcohol in Warrnambool
Alcohol is involved in at least one-in-four domestic violence incidents that end up at the Warrnambool Base Hospital Emergency Department however Western Region Alcohol and other Drug Centre director Geoff Soma says that figure could be much higher.

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