Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Alcohol News - 15/2019 (Australia) - Vic wants crackdown on alcohol Influencers
VicHealth has says there needs to be a crack down on social media influencers advertising alcoholic brands without revealing they are being paid to do so.
africanews (Ethiopia) - Ethiopia passes tough law regulating alcohol sales, adverts
Ethiopia has banned all advertising of alcoholic drinks, as part of efforts to promote healthy living in the East African nation.
The Japan Times (Japan) - Japan to mandate alcohol tests for flight attendants and plane inspectors following string of drinking-related incidents
The transport ministry said Tuesday it will mandate Breathalyzer tests for all flight attendants, engineers and flight operations managers after loosely imposed drinking regulations came under fire for a series of alcohol-related problems at Japanese airlines.
Medical News Today - Alcohol use disorder: Brain damage may progress despite sobriety
A new study goes against the grain of previous research by suggesting that alcohol-induced brain damage does not stop when alcohol use ends.
Medical News Today - 'Even moderate alcohol consumption increases stroke risk'
Some research has suggested that drinking alcohol in moderation could have protective effects against stroke. However, a large cohort study in a Chinese population shows that this is not the case at all.
The Cardiology Advisor - Epidemiological Evidence Does Not Support Protective Effects of Alcohol for Stroke
In contrast to findings using conventional epidemiology, genetic epidemiology found that alcohol intake is associated with uniform increases in blood pressure and stroke, according to a study published in The Lancet.
The BMJ (WHO) - Exclusive: Partnering with alcohol industry on public health is not okay, WHO says
The World Health Organization will not engage with the alcohol industry when developing alcohol policy or implementing public health measures, its staff have been told, and any government seeking advice from a collaboration with industry should be warned of the dangers.
Washington Post (USA) - The Big Number: 17.6 million Americans suffer from alcoholism
If alcohol is affecting your life and relationships — you find it’s hard to control how much you drink or you depend on alcohol to get through the day — you may be among the 17.6 million adult Americans, 1 of 12, who have an alcohol-use disorder, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.
CTV News (Canada) - Toronto's medical officer of health raises concerns about proposal to sell alcohol earlier
Toronto’s medical officer of health has authored a new report that suggests offering alcohol at restaurants earlier in the day may not be such a great idea.
United States Army (USA) - Alcohol Awareness Month focuses on education, treatment
In the movies, you can always spot an alcoholic -- it's your stereotypical down-and-out drunk passed out at a bar or on the street corner clutching a bottle of booze in a paper bag. In reality, high-functioning alcoholics can be anyone -- a Soldier, spouse, friend or even yourself.
ITV News (UK) - Leading charity calls for new approach to addiction
A new approach must be adopted to tackle addiction in Northern Ireland, a leading addiction charity has said. Addiction NI has called for government departments and communities across the region to unite in a renewed effort to end the harm being felt in many families and communities from alcohol and drug use.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Flaxmere in midst of 'alcohol holocaust', local councillor tells licensing authority
Flaxmere community leaders fighting the renewal of a bottle store's liquor licence are hoping to set legal precedence by arguing that the Treaty of Waitangi principles should apply to liquor laws.
Euro WHO (Moldova) - Evidence brief for policy: Informing amendments to the alcohol control legislation directed at reducing harmful use of alcohol in the Republic of Moldova
In the Republic of Moldova, alcohol is readily accessible to the whole population, even children, leading to high consumption levels and a number of alcohol-related negative health and economic consequences.
The Guardian (Australia) - 'Toxic deals': concerns for children over NRL and AFL clubs' alcohol advertising
A new study has highlighted the extent to which alcohol advertising is ingrained within Australia’s two major football codes, with concerns raised about the effects of the near-blanket exposure on children.
The Economic Times - Alcoholic fatty liver disease does more harm than you know, may up cancer risk
In a new study, researchers have discovered important differences in the biological pathways that lead to cancer for alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (Russia) - Russian teenagers twice reduced the consumption of alcohol
Russian teenagers of 15–17 years old began to consume less alcohol. In 2013, 3.8 cases of alcohol dependence per 100 thousand people, in 2017 the figure dropped to 1.7.

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