Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lindsay Flegge normally goes out for drinks four times a week. "Margaritas are my favorite," says the 30-year-old suburban Indianapolis resident. But she hasn't had the tequila cocktail, or a drop of any other kind of alcohol, all month. "It's basically just to give my body a rest.
CNN (USA) - Alcohol destroyed their livers. Now, they're increasingly getting new ones
The number of liver transplants for Americans with alcohol-associated liver disease has steadily grown in recent years, prompting researchers to explore why this is and what the long-term prospects are for recipients.
ABS-CBN News - Many migraine sufferers wary of alcohol as headache trigger
Many migraine sufferers avoid alcohol, saying it can trigger the severe headaches, a survey found.
The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia) - How much do Slovaks spend on alcohol?
Slovakia belongs among EU countries that spend the most on alcohol. It placed 10th in the ranking published by Eurostat, the EU's statistics office.
The New Times - Alcohol avoidance can help you sleep better, lose weight
An alcohol-free January could not only save you money but also help you sleep better and lose weight, a new study shows.
KOMO News - UW Study: No safe level for pregnant women to drink alcohol
A new study by University of Washington Medicine found there is no safe level of alcohol consumption by women who are pregnant.
The Somerville Times (USA) - Alcohol advertising – When do the costs outweigh the benefits?
The MBTA has loosened their ban on alcohol ads despite the fact that research from the BU School of Public Health notes that alcohol ads in subway and streetcar stations reach the equivalence of every 5th through 12th grader in the city of Boston. (New Zealand) - Midnight closing for many Dunedin bars under new alcohol changes
A new alcohol policy for Dunedin may result in bars outside the city centre having to shut by midnight.
Neat Pour (USA) - SCOTUS Hears Historic Challenge To State Control Over Alcohol Sales
In 1933, the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified ending prohibition. However, in the process of allowing Americans to drink legally again, the amendment also shifted booze regulation to the states and created the notorious ‘three tier system.’ On Wednesday (1.17), the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that seeks to chip away at the state’s absolute power.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Silent Voices alcohol abuse campaign ‘not about judging parents’
The organisation behind a new campaign aimed at tackling the trauma endured by the children of those who abuse alcohol say the initiative is not about judging parents, but ending an ongoing cycle of harmful drinking.
Healio - Moderate alcohol consumption increases risk for AF
Regular moderate alcohol intake was a modifiable risk factor for atrial fibrillation that was linked to conduction slowing and lower atrial voltage, according to a study published in HeartRhythm.
India New England - Five Tips To Avoid Alcohol During Social Events
For those suffering from alcoholism, the temptation of the holidays are gone but there are a lot of social situations in the coming months that will test their commitment to turn their lives around.
Chatelaine (Canada) - You Might Have a Drinking Problem — And Not Even Know It
A group text message buzzes through around lunchtime on Friday with the red wine emoji and a question mark. The response is a resounding thumbs up, followed by a flurry of arranging to make it happen.
Tehran Times (Iran) - 100 alcohol rehab centers to open soon
Alcohol rehab centers will soon open in 100 substance abuse centers that are already at work in the country, said Mehdi Shadnoush, head of the Health Ministry's management center for transplantation and special diseases.
Daily Mail (Northern Ireland) - Alcohol-related deaths in Northern Ireland at record high
The number of alcohol-related deaths in Northern Ireland has hit the highest level on record. A total of 303 were attributed to drink, almost 30% more than a decade ago and 70% greater than 2001, when recording began.
NHS Health Scotland (Scotland) - Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland's Alcohol Strategy (MESAS)
In 2010 we were tasked with evaluating Scotland’s alcohol strategy. The programme we established to do this was called Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy (MESAS). On this page you will find our MESAS reports.
Health Gov (Australia) - $3 million for digital alcohol harm reduction program
The Australian Government will provide $3 million for a program that will help more than 20,000 Australians reduce their alcohol intake safely, conveniently and anonymously.
MSN (USA) - Americans drank less booze in 2018, particularly beer: report
Americans are drinking less alcohol overall, according to a new report which found that total booze consumption across the US declined for the third consecutive year in 2018. - ACS Cancer Prevention Blueprint Targets Controllable Risk Factors
Many people don’t realize that alcohol is a risk factor for cancer. “Drinking even small amounts of alcohol increases your chance for getting certain types of cancer” says Gapstur. In fact, ACS researchers found about 16% of all breast cancers are caused by alcohol use.
Tribune (France) - French minister causes a stir with bold alcohol claim
France’s agriculture minister unleashed a torrent of criticism from addiction experts on Wednesday after claiming that wine, unlike other forms of alcohol, was rarely the cause of binge drinking.
Russia has developed the bill according to which alcohol and tobacco products can only be sold in specialized stores. In the place of sale of these goods it is proposed to prohibit entrance to persons under 18 years of age.

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