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Alcohol News - 17/2018

Healio - Alcohol linked to potentially harmful changes in oral microbiome
Alcohol consumption correlated with significant changes to the oral microbiome that have been previously linked to alcohol-related diseases like periodontal disease, GI cancers, head and neck cancers and heart disease, according to new research published in the journal Microbiome. - Alcohol may cause one in five cases of PMT
PMT may be caused by alcohol in more than one fifth of cases, research suggests. And women who drink at least a glass of wine a day have almost twice the risk of suffering symptoms compared with light drinkers, the findings show.
Vox - It’s time to rethink how much booze may be too much
That’s been the message — from researchers, governments, and beverage companies — for decades. And as a result, many of us don’t think twice about tossing back a couple of glasses or wine or a few beers after work.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Moscow to Restrict Alcohol Sales Before and During World Cup Games
Moscow's City Hall will restrict the sale of alcohol the day before and the day of World Cup games this summer. Twelve games will be played in Moscow in June and July, including Russia's opener against Saudi Arabia and the tournament final. Russia’s deputy prime minister has said that the host nation would allow beer sales at stadiums and fan zones during the FIFA World Cup.
New Food (USA) - American consumers drifting away from alcoholic drinks as Generation Z rises
Alcohol sales in the USA fell by 80 million litres last year as abstinence and moderation began to trend, according to data accrued by a drink market analyst.
Michigan Medicine - When Raised Among Drug and Alcohol Abuse, What Makes Some Teens ‘Resilient’?
Kids with a family history of substance use are likely to mimic those behaviors. A Michigan Medicine researcher studied their brain activity to see why certain youths do not.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finns are spending less on alcohol, more on services in Estonia
Finns are spending less and less on alcohol and more and more on services in Estonia.
The Guardian (UK) - Time, please: is drinking becoming as socially unacceptable as smoking?
Drinking is ingrained in our social life – much as cigarettes were until public health campaigns led to a huge cultural shift. With many young people eschewing alcohol, the beginning of the end of booze Britain is in sight.
Evening Times (Scotland) - MSPs set to back 50p minimum unit price for alcohol
The policy of a minimum unit price for alcohol was approved in 2012 but delayed by legal challenges which lasted until November 2017. Now MSPs have to vote on the level at which the price is set.
Pharmacy Times - Alcohol Awareness Month: The Buzz On Alcohol and Calories
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and we have simplified science on everything related—effects on the body, nutrition, and how an individual can still be on a quest with sound nutrition, making sense of how alcohol and calories mix.
The Times (Ireland) - EU objections to delay alcohol bill until July
The government’s proposed alcohol bill is to be delayed for another three months after Italy and Portugal raised objections to new amendments.
BBC News - 'Higher crime' in areas where alcohol is most available, says study
Crime rates were highest in areas where there are a large number of pubs, clubs and shops selling alcohol, according to a new report.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - Pregnant women drinking alcohol put babies at greater risk than those abusing drugs
"Concerning" data shows one baby is born addicted to drugs, tobacco or alcohol every fortnight in Canberra, according to statistics from ACT Health.
Health Promotion Agency (New Zealand) - Trends in affordability of alcohol in New Zealand: Report
Increasing the price of cheap alcohol, such as through excise taxes or minimum pricing schemes, is an important tool in a package of measures that governments can use to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm.
Readers Digest - The Age You Sip Your First Drink Could Determine Your Risk for Breast Cancer
Depending on how old you were when you knocked back your first drink—and how you drink now—could dramatically impact your risk of developing breast cancer.
Fresh Lifestyle - The Skinny on Alcohol & Cancer: Choosing Healthier Alternatives
Alcohol intake is a controversial topic and conflicting research makes it hard to know whether it is safe to consume regularly. While there are some benefits to drinking certain alcohol, such as red wine and its connection to heart disease prevention, recent studies suggest that limiting or avoiding alcohol intake is the best option.

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