Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Alcohol News - 42/2017

The Cougar - Psychology research finds link between social media, alcohol
University of Houston psychologist Mai-Ly Steers is taking a more in depth study on student’s drinking levels with a $251,010 grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Grant funding for the project is expected to continue for five years.
The Independent (UK) - Children described alcohol as ‘sugar for adults’
Three in 10 parents admit to being drunk in front of their children, a new study has found. Half have been tipsy around them, according to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, whose research revealed that moderate drinking around children leaves them feeling anxious, embarrassed and disrupts their bedtime.
Forbes - Divorce Found To Increase Risk For Alcohol Use Disorders, And Remarriage To Lower It
It should come as no surprise that divorce is linked to alcohol (ab)use. Research consistently shows that, compared to married people, divorced people drink more and in more harmful ways (e.g. binge drinking), are more likely to have a lifetime or recent alcohol use disorder (AUD) diagnosis, engage in more alcohol-related risky behaviors, and have higher alcohol-related mortality.
Healthline - Most Consumers Unaware of Dangers in Mixing Alcohol and Common Drugs
Alcohol interacts with as many as 150 medications and can cause them to not work effectively, NCPIE warns. The warning label “Do not use with alcohol” on medicines isn’t a suggestion, but many people don’t take it seriously or ignore it altogether.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Industry and health advocate views on alcohol bill ‘not on par’
The interests of business and public health advocates should not be given equal weight in discussions around the final form of landmark legislation on alcohol, according to a charity working in the area. (New Zealand) - Auckland alcohol law change: Why would anyone need to buy liquor at 7am?
Auckland bottle shops will still be allowed to sell alcohol at 7am under a change in trading regulations – but who's actually buying booze at that hour?
ChronicleLive (UK) - The North East area where alcohol treatment is 54% higher than England rate
Patients treated for alcohol problems in North Tyneside are 50% more likely to be readmitted as an emergency within a month than the expected rate in England.
The Independent - Do you know a drunkorexic?
Young women are skipping meals and dramatically reducing their calorie intake from food in order to save calories for alcohol.
Daily Star (UK/Russia) - England fans face World Cup booze BAN as Russia fights hooligans
Russian authorities are desperate to avoid scenes similar to those at Marseille in 2016 where England fans clashed with rival supporters.
The Merkle - New Technology Analyzes Fingerprints to Determine Alcohol and Substance Use
New research shows how fingerprints can be used to determine one’s sex, alcohol consumption, food ingestion, and drug use. This is a revolutionary development, especially considering it works with prints that are decades old.
Galway Advertiser (Ireland) - Alcohol bill will save lives and reduce harm, says regional health forum member
For over 650 days the Public Health (Alcohol ) Bill - a progressive piece of legislation designed to significantly and positively alter Ireland’s harmful relationship with alcohol – has languished in the Oireachtas and faced inordinate delay.

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