Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Alcohol News - 18/2017

Vice (Norway) - Norway Is Ultra-Restrictive on Buying Booze, and People Like It
Where can you buy a bottle of wine in Norway on a Friday night? Trick question: You can't, because the Wine Monopoly closes at 6 pm. You can pick up a six-pack of beer at the supermarket, but only until 8. On Saturdays, the cutoff for buying booze is even earlier—3 pm—and then you're out of luck until Monday morning.
The Times (UK) - Girls and young women are most likely to go binge drinking
Young women have emerged as the group most likely to indulge in binge drinking, despite lower overall levels of alcohol consumption among the young.
Reuters - African American women not immune to alcohol-breast cancer link
Having more than one alcoholic drink a day has long been linked to increased breast cancer risk in studies involving mostly white women, but new U.S. research finds similar risk increases among black women. (Canada) - Canadians spent $22.1B on alcohol last year, StatsCan says
Canada remains a nation of beer lovers, but wine and spirits are becoming almost as popular as brew.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Wellington police and health warned by alcohol authority
Police and health officials have been told to stop challenging liquor licensing applications just because they failed to negotiate earlier closing times for Wellington's bars.
Washington Post (USA) - Montgomery County to begin carding anyone purchasing alcohol
County officials in Maryland have announced a new policy for buying alcohol. WRC-TV of Washington reports ( ) officials in the county north of the U.S. capital announced anyone purchasing alcohol will soon be carded regardless of how old they look.
Science Daily - Link between alcohol consumption, cardiac arrhythmias found in drinkers at the Munich Octoberfest
Researchers who studied beer drinkers at the Munich Octoberfest have found that the more alcohol consumed the higher was the likelihood of developing abnormal heart rhythms called cardiac arrhythmias.
vestnik kavkaza (Turkey) - Turkey’s Antalya authorities issue alcohol ban
The Antalya police department issued a ban on alcohol consumption in outdoor locations on possibilities that drinking could cause “disturbance” to the surrounding. (Australia) - Australia’s drinking culture exposed in national report
ABOUT a million Australian children are harmed as a result of their carer’s drinking, a report on the nation’s relationship with alcohol shows.
Daily Mail (UK) - Six mothers of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome reveal the agony of being branded alcoholics - while struggling to cope with their child's severe behavioral disability
When Natyra Teske was 18 years old, she found out she was eight weeks pregnant. Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous - but excited.
The Conversation UK - Football’s unholy alliance with alcohol sends a dangerous message to young people
Last year, as 24 football-mad nations across Europe cheered on their heroes, and Portugal battled their way to UEFA Euro 2016 glory, do you remember seeing any alcohol marketing pitch-side?
Winchester Herald Chronicle (USA) - Drunk driving is still the biggest killer on our roads
In response to recent reports regarding an increase in drug impaired driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants to remind the public that drunk driving is still the biggest cause of traffic deaths and injuries in the nation.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Call for ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport after young women revealed as NZ's most extreme drinkers
New research showing young women in their twenties are the most extreme group of Kiwi drinkers has sparked a call for alcohol sponsorship of sport to be banned and taxes to be slapped on all alcohol beverages.
Sunderland Echo (UK) - Cheap booze is easier than ever to get in poor areas
Cheap alcohol is easier than ever to buy despite the dramatic surge in pub closures - especially in deprived areas.
Herald Sun (Australia) - PARTY program: Real-life horror stories drum home dangers of alcohol and drug misuse
A PROGRAM to confront high school students with real-life horror stories in our hospitals is being expanded to drum home the dangers of drug and ­alcohol misuse.

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