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Alcohol News - 9/2017

Le News (Switzerland) - Swiss fact: one in seven Swiss drink no alcohol
A recent report shows that around 1 in 7 Swiss drink no alcohol. Of the 13.8% who avoid alcohol completely, 6.5% have avoided it all their lives, while a further 7.3% are former drinkers who haven’t consumed alcohol over the last 12 months.
Washington Post - Are women increasingly at risk of addiction?
Last year, American novelist Joyce Maynard faced a harsh realization: Her habit of reaching for a glass of wine whenever she felt stressed had crossed the line into an addiction.
ITV (Wales) - ‘Alcohol became everything to me': The stark reality of life with a serious addiction
Tony Wright spent twenty years presenting breakfast radio. He’s also an actor who’s raised thousands of pounds for charity. What started as a few drinks in the evening, over time, grew into serious addiction.
702 (South Africa) - We don't have to have alcohol ads, says Soul City Institute
Alcohol advertisements and schools operating nearby taverns tempt children to start drinking at a young age, according to a a new study released by the Soul City Institute for Social Justice.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scottish Government report calls for ban on alcohol advertising and sponsorship
ALCOHOL advertising in public spaces faces a ban with sponsorship of major sporting and cultural events by drinks brands brought to an end under sweeping plans in a new report for the Scottish Government.
BBC (Scotland) - Children exposed to 'unacceptably high levels' of alcohol marketing
Children are exposed to "unacceptably high levels" of alcohol marketing through sports sponsorship and public adverts, according to a report.
The Telegraph (USA) - Alcohol-to-go approved in US airports – what could possibly go wrong?
While Europe tries to clamp down on sozzled air passengers, lawmakers in the US state of Missouri have approved a bill that would allow the state’s airports to sell takeaway booze to holidaymakers. What could possibly go wrong?
Ukrop News (Ukraine) - The Parliament propose to prohibit throughout Ukraine night to sell alcohol
The Ukrainian Parliament offered to consider a bill that prohibits the sale of alcohol between 22:00 and 08:00 across the country. The corresponding document was registered 18 MPs, and the main initiator of non-faction people’s Deputy Mikhail Golovko, reported on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.
Flanders Today (Belgium) - Alcohol-free February sees profits dip in hospitality industry
Tournée Minérale – the campaign that saw more than 120,000 Belgians swear off alcohol for the entire month of February – saw sales in Flanders’ hospitality businesses drop by about 10%, according to industry federation Horeca Vlaanderen.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Alcohol as big an issue as drugs among workers, dairy industry says
Dairy farm employers have problems with workers taking drugs and not making a good effort, but alcohol abuse is just as big an issue, Federated Farmers says.
Knowridge Science Report - Excessive alcohol drinking can impact breathing, study shows
A study led by researchers from Loyola Medicine and Loyola University Chicago has discovered a potential new health concern related to excessive alcohol consumption.
Norway Today (Norway/Finland/Iceland) - Høie worried about Finnish and Icelandic deregulation of alcohol
Health Minister Bent Høie fears that proposals for deregulation of alcohol sales in Finland and Iceland may indirectly put pressure on the alcohol Monopoly here at home.
Huffington Post - Smart Kids Are More Likely To Experiment With Pot And Alcohol
How’s this for peer pressure? Not only do the cool kids smoke pot, but it turns out the smart kids do, too.
YLE News (Finland) - Elderly more marginalised, developing alcohol problems
Alcohol use among Finland’s senior citizens is growing and older women are now becoming alcoholics at the same rate as men. The increase is apparent in home care visits and more trips to the hospital.
IceNews (Iceland) - Majority opposes ending state monopoly of alcohol according to surveys
A bill is currently being debated in the Icelandic parliament regarding the state monopoly of alcohol retail. Passing the bill would mean to abolish the state monopoly of liquor and close the Vinbudin, presently the only retail store chain where Icelanders can buy wine, bear and strong liquor.
The Guardian (UK) - 'I loved and hated her in equal measure' – life with an alcoholic mother
When Mum died, I vowed to talk about alcoholism because I can’t bear to be complicit in the silence surrounding the issue.
Medscape - Third of Oncologists Report High Burnout; 30% Turn to Alcohol
Substantial proportions of oncologists are suffering from burnout and stress and using alcohol to deal with the emotional strain of treating patients with cancer and the ever-increasing workload pressures, the results of a meta-analysis has revealed.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Alcohol consumption increased last year
Irish people drank more alcohol last year compared to the year before, with spirits and cider seeing the biggest jumps in consumption, new figures have shown.

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