Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Alcohol News - 12/2017

Helsinki Times (Finland) - Several ruling-party MPs rebel against alcohol law reform Twenty-eight Members of the Finnish Parliament, including 15 members of the Centre Party, have issued a joint statement calling for amendments to the bill to reform the alcohol legislation of Finland.
BBC News - 'Wide awake drunk' on energy drinks and alcohol mix
Mixing energy drinks with alcohol could be a risky combination, leading to a greater risk of accidents and injuries, research from Canada suggests.
Times of India (India) - Alcohol sensors in state-run buses to curb drunk driving?
The transport department is exploring a new technology developed by a group of engineering students that prevents a drunk driver from plying a public transport bus.
Arizona Daily Sun (USA) - Alcohol often behind child neglect
"Child neglect" is the name of the news piece. Perhaps it should be labeled what it is: "Alcohol addiction leads to bad parenting."
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Ireland top of the table for drinking at home
Ireland tops the table of 25 countries for people drinking at home before going on a night out — with more than four out of five surveyed engaging in “pre-drinking”.
Vanguard (Nigeria) - NMA says smoking, alcohol consumption major causes of mouth cancer
The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has warned against smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, describing such acts as major causes of mouth cancer.
A spike in snowmobile-related deaths in Ontario is prompting the OFSC to remind riders to stay off closed trails and adjust your speed according to trail and weather conditions. (Ireland) - GardaĆ­ to monitor public transport in bid to seize alcohol from underage Patrick's Day drinkers
GARDAƍ WILL BE launching a serious crackdown against teenage drinkers this St Patrick’s Day and will be paying particular attention to those bringing alcohol onto public transport.
Citifmonline (Ghana) - Ghana launches National Alcohol Policy
Ghana has launched a National Alcohol Policy after years of working with key stakeholders to combine the fragmented laws that exist on the production, distribution sale, advertisement and consumption of the commodity.
Medical Daily - Alcoholism In The Family: People With Relatives Who Abused Alcohol More Likely To Remember Painful Hangovers
Hangovers are horrible, but the lingering memories of the pain and embarrassment associated with the night before can be even worse. A new study suggests that the ability to vividly remember a hangover, sometimes even months after you’ve made a full recovery, isn’t linked to how much you drink, but rather who is in your family. (Ireland) - Almost a third of people who died on the roads in 2014 had alcohol in their system
THE PRELIMINARY FINDINGS of a new report has found that 31% of people who died on Irish roads in 2014 had alcohol in their system at the time of their deaths.
The Union of Grass Valley (USA) - Study: alcohol, tobacco more available than milk, fresh fruit in Nevada County
A recent survey showed 98 percent of 83 random stores surveyed in Nevada County sold sweet, fruity malt liquor beverages also known as Alcopops.
Healio - Long-term heavy alcohol consumption linked to arterial stiffness in men
Consistent heavy alcohol consumption may prematurely age arteries, especially in men, according to findings in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome: Doctors unaware of dangers
A NATIONAL survey of paediatric doctors reveals a worrying percentage of them are unaware of one of the major causes of preventable developmental delay in children.

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