Thursday, October 13, 2016

Alcohol News - 41/2016

RARHA (EU) - RARHA Final Conference happens this week in Lisbon
The Joint Action Reducing Alcohol Related Harm final conference takes place on October 13-14 in Lisbon, Portugal. The insights from the Workgroups, presented at the conference, have a strong accent on mutual member states cooperation and knowledge sharing, spanning wide range of topics on reducing alcohol related harm considering future challenges and impact on public health policy in Europe.
The Guardian (Australia) - Royal commission told foetal alcohol disorder and hearing loss contributing to incarceration
Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and hearing loss were both likely impacts on the high rates of Indigenous people in the child protection and criminal justice systems, the royal commission has heard.
Medical News Today - Parental absence increases chance of nicotine and alcohol use in children
Rsearch published this week in Archives of Disease in Childhood examines risky behavior in children who have experienced parental absence. Adding to earlier studies, the results show that behavioral changes begin earlier than previously thought.
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - UNIAN: Ban on alcohol sales in Kyiv at night becomes effective October 12
Business entities, holders of relevant licences, are banned from selling alcohol as well as soft alcoholic beverages and beer from 23:00 to 10:00.
The Asia Foundation - In Asia (Cambodia) - Addressing Alcohol Abuse Critical to Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Cambodia
In 2014, Cambodia’s government endorsed its second National Action Plan for Violence Against Women—one of a handful of critical steps the country has taken recently in eliminating violence against women. While this is good news, the overall prevalence rate of intimate partner violence (IPV) in the last decade has changed little.
CNN - Kids allowed sips of alcohol are more likely to drink in high school, study says
If you've already allowed your kids to take a little sip of your beer or wine from time to time, you probably won't be pleased when you hear the findings of a new report.
The Guardian (UK) - I stopped drinking alcohol and discovered Sunday brunch
Last week I had the joyous task of room-hunting in London. The majority of flatshares I came across online were looking for candidates who were “young professionals” (tick), “considerate” (tick), “tidy” (small tick) and “willing to socialise from time to time over a beer or glass of wine”. This is where I faltered.
Epilepsy Research UK - Study Highlights The Link Between Excessive Alcohol Drinking And SUDEP
The findings of a study at Southern Illinois University suggest that alcohol withdrawal in people with epilepsy (i.e. the alcohol-free period that follows a prolonged period of regular/heavy drinking) increases the risk of death following a seizure.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Australians are drinking less alcohol as prices rise and club trading hours fall, research shows
Australians' famed boozing habits are on the wane, and increasing the price of alcohol and reducing pubs and clubs' trading hours could be responsible, new research suggests.
Yakima Herald-Republic - Three Keystones of Breast Cancer Prevention: Diet, Exercise, and Reducing Alcohol Consumption
So, you’re doing regular breast self-exams, getting an office exam from your doctor once in a while, and if you’re a bit older, you’re going in for regular mammograms as well. You don’t have any family history of breast cancer, so you’re in the clear, right?
Irish Times (Ireland) - Irish cut out bread before alcohol to lose weight
People are more likely to cut down on bread than alcohol in an effort to eat healthily and lose weight, according to a survey that also suggests people are using the internet to diagnose their ills and make decisions on health. (Ireland) - Budget 2017: Smokers have been hit hard again, but alcohol and petrol are staying the same
The hike is the only tax increase in Budget 2017, Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said today. It means that there are no excise duty increases in the other traditional ‘old reliables’ of alcohol or petrol.
Times of Malta (Malta) - Zero alcohol limit for public transport drivers
Drivers of minibuses, buses, taxis and chauffeur-driven cars would be barred from drinking any alcohol at all while on duty under a proposal to tackle drunk-driving.
The Sunday Guardian - Link between alcohol and cancer is medically proven
The truth about alcohol, unknown to many, is that it is listed as a “proven human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is affiliated to the World Health Organisation.
ChronicleLive (UK) - Number of children affected by mothers drinking alcohol while pregnant is 'snowballing'
The number of children in care affected by their mothers drinking alcohol while pregnant is “snowballing”, a doctor has warned.
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MaltaToday (Malta) - National Alcohol Policy to focus on drunk driving and underage drinking
Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity says government will be taking steps in the coming days to address the problem of drunk driving.
Vanguard - Reduction in alcohol remedies liver problems
Reduction in intake of alcohol could help treat liver cirrhosis, Dr. Okezie Emenike, an Abuja based medical doctor, has said.

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