Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alcohol News - 19/2016

New York Times (USA) - Bartenders Can’t Refuse Pregnant Women Alcohol, New York City Says
It can be an awkward order for a pregnant woman: A glass of merlot, please. But she is legally entitled to it, according to New York City. (Canada) - UVic researchers find success with managed alcohol study
A new study led by a group of University of Victoria researchers shows that people who are homeless and severely alcoholic may benefit from a program that administers regular doses of alcohol throughout the day. - New study sheds more light on level of alcohol consumption among people with hepatitis C
Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of illness and death from the hepatitis C virus. A new national household study of U.S. adults published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that many people living with hepatitis C report either former or current excessive alcohol use.
The Epoch Times - Alcohol: The Most Celebrated—Yet Most Harmful—Drug in Society
In a world of meth labs and prescription opioid addiction, it can be easy to overlook the impact of a substance as socially accepted as alcohol. Yet according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), alcohol imposes many heavy burdens on both the individual and society.
ABC Online (Australia) - Fewer parents buying teenager children alcohol, study finds
The proportion of parents buying alcohol for their teenage children has fallen dramatically in recent years, Queensland researchers have found. - Majority of patients who misuse drugs and alcohol have chronic pain
With opioid addiction and prescription drug abuse considered one of the biggest public health threats of our time in the U.S., many are asking why so many Americans are struggling with addiction to illegal drugs and prescription medications. New research suggests that chronic pain may be part of the answer.
Health24 - Here's how alcohol messes with your nervous system
Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your memory, or changes your behaviour? Take a closer look at the potential long-term effects of drinking in excess.
BBC News (Ireland/Scotland) - Irish in Scotland more at risk of alcohol-related disease and death, says study
Irish people living in Scotland are more than twice as likely to end up in hospital or die from alcohol-related diseases as white Scots, a study found.
Wall Street Journal (India) - More Than 100 Pilots Test Positive for Alcohol in India
More than 100 pilots in India over the past three years tested positive for alcohol in their bloodstream before they were scheduled to fly, sparking safety concerns about the country’s rapidly growing air-travel industry. - Alcohol linked to increased breast cancer risk and recurrence, study finds
It is common to have an occasional glass of wine at dinner or out socially, but for people with breast cancer, a new study reveals it could affect their health and their medication.
Healio - Universal alcohol screening may help reduce severe liver damage
New research presented at the International Liver Congress showed universal screening for alcohol in hospital settings may be able to identify individuals at greatest risk for alcohol-related harm, and, in turn, reduce the risk for more severe liver damage in the future.
LocalGov (UK) - Alcohol consumption has increased in retirees, Government figures reveal
Alcohol-related hospital admissions are falling for younger age groups, but increasing for the over 65s, new figures reveal. (EU) - Eurostar to impose alcohol ban on trains for Euros
Eurostar plans to ban alcohol on some trains during Euro 2016, which kicks off next month.
Finland Times (Finland) - Many Finnish workers have drinking problems
Every two Finns know at least one co-worker who drinks too much alcohol, according to the report of a survey commissioned by the Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT) published on Tuesday.

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