Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alcohol News - 13/2016

The Guardian (UK) - How British ‘cafe culture’ drinks revolution ended in failure
The extension of licensing hours in England and Wales has triggered a rise in binge drinking and an associated increase in mental and physical health problems, according to new research.
Huffington Post - My Struggle With Alcohol: Why I Said Goodbye
When I quit drinking, outer appearances said I still had it all together. My life, family and career were intact and fully functional. Like so many problem drinkers—especially mothers—I didn’t fit the alcoholic stereotypes. (Germany) - Boozed up migrants BANNED from bringing alcohol into camps
GERMAN authorities are clamping down on asylum seekers bringing alcohol into their camps - claiming booze is fuelling violence and sex crimes among Muslims unused to drinking.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol should not be promoted as a risk-free gateway to good cheer
Three people will die in Irish hospitals today from alcoholism. On the way to the funeral parlour there’s a good chance they will pass large billboards promoting the wonders of drinking.
Toronto Sun (Canada) - Time for zero blood alcohol limit when driving?
For the next two or three decades, I partied, and drove, partied and drove. Never got caught. Never crashed. Never hurt anybody. There must have been close calls, though. I hate to think.
Newser (USA) - Americans Name Drug They Fear Most—and It's Legal
The second deadliest drug in the US after tobacco is similarly legal, and claims more lives than all illicit drugs combined with 88,000 deaths a year.
ABC Online (Australia) - Health policy experts call for overhaul of alcohol tax
Health experts are calling on the Federal Government to implement major reforms to alcohol tax, arguing that the changes are long overdue.
BBC News (UK) - York's alcohol-related hospital admissions up more than a third
The number of hospital admissions involving alcohol in York has increased by more than a third in six years, Public Health England says.
South African Broadcasting Corporation (South Africa) - South Africans urged to unite against alcohol abuse
Transport Deputy Minister, Sindisiwe Chikunga says the abuse of alcohol is a major problem in South Africa. Be it in respect of road fatalities, crime and social issues.
Irish Times (Ireland) - ‘Often by the time the patient reaches us, the alcohol damage is irreversible’
What attracted me to gastroenterology as a specialty was the wide range of diseases that present to us, from acute emergencies to the management of chronic gastrointestinal disorders, meaning that each week in the hospital is different. (UK) - Action on alcohol to form part of UK's 'modern crime prevention strategy'
Better partnerships and more effective information-sharing at the local level will be needed to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder, the government has said.
RAPSI (Russia) - Russian courts closed 156 alcohol-selling websites in five-month period
Russian courts satisfied more than 114 lawsuits over online sales of alcohol and ordered to close 156 websites and webpages in a five-month period, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday.

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