Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Alcohol News - 7/2016

Loyola Phoenix - Alcohol and the Cold Don’t Mix
For most college students, the harsh Chicago cold is easier to prepare for than an upcoming literature midterm. However, just because they know how to prepare for the weather doesn’t mean they do; it’s not uncommon to see groups of students walking to the gym without coats or to the EL wearing their “going out” clothes.
MediaPost Communications - Millennials Drink More Alcohol Than Other Age Groups
Significantly more Millennials (40% more) than the overall adult population drink beer, wine and spirits at least several times a year; only 4% of Millennials drink only wine (not beer or spirits) several times a year or more.
WalesOnline (Wales) - The alarming rise of alcohol-related health problems in our elderly population
A new campaign has been launched called Drink Wise, Age Well which will provide practical advice on how to make healthier choices about drinking.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Medical Matters: HSE sets the right tone on risks of alcohol consumption
According to Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer(CMO) for England, “drinking any level of alcohol regularly carries a health risk for anyone, but if men and women limit their intake to no more than 14 units a week it keeps the risk of illness like cancer and liver disease low”.
Forbes (Russia) - Something Isn't Right About Russia's Alcohol-Related Mortality Rate
Like other national statistical agencies, Rosstat keeps track of the rate at which Russians die from various ailments (cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.). It also keeps track of the mortality rate from various “external causes” such as car accidents, murder, and suicide. For as long as I can remember Rosstat has tracked the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning as one of these external causes.
While countries like Finland and the Netherlands consider universal basic income, welfare recipients in Lithuania are bracing themselves for even more government intervention. In addition to means tests, politicians are currently debating controversial measures to introduce mandatory treatment for welfare recipients struggling with alcohol abuse. - Gut microbes’ protective effects compromised by alcohol
The protective function of natural gut antibiotics is impaired by alcohol leaving bacteria free to migrate to the liver aggravating alcohol-induced liver disease, a study has shown.
Radio New Zealand (Samoa) - Samoa launches new alcohol and drug court
Samoa has launched its Alcohol and Drugs Court with hope it will reduce the number of alcohol and drug related crimes. It will be headed by the first locally-appointed female Supreme Court judge, Justice Mata Tuatagaloa.
BBC News (UK) - Health professionals call for alcohol-only check-outs
Scotland should introduce alcohol-only check-outs and ban drinks advertising, health professionals have said.
Sun FM (UK) - Over half in the North East suffered due to others alcohol intake
It's claimed over half of us in the North East have suffered due to other people's drinking in the last year. A report by our region's Alcohol Office reveals, it's everything from emotional and physical harm to financial issues. (UK) - Nine in 10 councils want more powers to curb pub openings
Nine out of 10 councils want to the Licensing Act to be strengthened to “help curb the saturation of communities with pubs, clubs and off-licences selling alcohol”, according to the Local Government Association.
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Government to help young victims of alcohol and drug abuse
The social and internal affairs minister, Karen Ellemann, has unveiled new plans to fund support for young victims of alcohol and drug abuse under the age of 25.

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