Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alcohol News - 25/2015 (UK) - Pregnant women should not drink any alcohol, BMA warn
Women should not drink any alcohol during pregnancy, the British Medical Association will say at its annual conference this week.
Indianapolis Star - Feldman: Alcohol ads target youth at high price
Alcohol use remains a major public health problem among youth. Forty-five percent of high school students report using alcohol and 26 percent report binge drinking; underage drinkers consume about 25 percent of all alcohol in the U.S.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - Massive link between alcohol and cancer – research
Researchers say there's a shocking link between alcohol and cancer, but not enough people know about it. (Ireland) - RCPI calls for Oireachtas commitment on alcohol sport sponsorship
The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland has said it is disappointed an Oireachtas report on alcohol does not include commitments on sport sponsorship.
Medical Daily - People Who Think Alcohol Is Heart Healthy Cite Media Reports And Tend To Drink More
It’s no secret that drinking a bit of alcohol daily might stave off heart disease — at least that’s what study upon study has suggested. People love seeing reports on these studies, probably because they justify drinking a beverage that has long been associated with negative effects on our health and our environment.
FRANCE 24 (France) - French MPs vote to amend restrictions on alcohol ads
Lawmakers on Wednesday voted in favour of changing France’s so-called Evin Law, which restricts advertising for alcoholic beverages and tobacco, despite calls from the government to leave the law untouched.
Washington Post (USA) - Drinking is central to college culture – and to sexual assault
Beer pong, body shots and keg stands. Fraternity parties, house parties and bar crawls. College, for many students, is a generously spiked four years.
The Guardian (France) - France in denial over alcohol abuse, says health minister
France must do more to tackle alcohol abuse and smoking, the country’s health minister has said.
ABC Online (Australia) - Victoria 'ignoring' alcohol problem as funding diverted to tackle ice, research centre says
The Victorian Government has been accused of ignoring Melbourne's biggest drug problem, alcohol, with a leading research centre facing closure as funding is diverted toward tackling methamphetamine, or ice.
The Nation (Thailand) - Ban of alcohol in 300m-radius of educational institutions proposed
A committee chaired by Public Health Minister Rajata Rajatanavin is pushing for a ban on the sale of alcohol in a 300-metre radius of vocational and higher-educational institutions.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol-related injuries increasing for Australian women
New research has found the number of women in Australia with alcohol-related injuries presenting at emergency departments is increasing at a rapid rate.
Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland) - Interactive map shows alcohol risk zones
A NEW interactive map of Scotland has been created to highlight the health risks linked to neighbourhoods with an excess of alcohol and tobacco outlets. - Rwanda: Alcohol During Pregnancy Is a Recipe for Disaster, Experts Say
Alcohol causes more than 200 diseases among its addicts as well as devastating effects to unborn children, according to experts.
The Portugal News (Portugal) - All alcohol banned to under-18s
A new law published in the Government Gazette Tuesday will mean that as of 1 July, under-18s will be banned from purchasing all types of alcohol including wine and beer.
Scotsman (Scotland) - People mourning drink and drug deaths lack support
RELATIVES of people who have died from drugs or alcohol often receive poor support following their bereavement, which can exacerbate their grief, according to research.

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