Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alcohol News - 13/2015

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Expert: reducing number of alcohol, tobacco, and drug users to 1% is possible in Latvia
Reducing the number of residents who smoke and use alcohol or drugs to one percent of the population is possible, however, it requires educating people at a very early age, as well as implementing radical amendments to the law, believes Astrida Stirna, the head of the Latvian Association of Narcologists.
U.S. News & World Report - Study: Sipping Alcohol May Lead to Later Problems for Kids
Moms and dads may think that initiating their kids with "just a sip" of alcohol may give them a healthier attitude toward drinking later in life, but new findings show just the opposite may be true. (UK) - Do you have a drinking problem: try this alcohol unit calculator
One in five young professionals in the UK consider themselves to have a drinking problem, a survey has found.
International Business Times (Singapure) - Singapore Banning Alcohol Consumption In Public Areas To Avoid Drunken Disorder
Singapore has instated a new ban that hopes to prevent late-night drunken debauchery. The new law prohibits alcohol consumption in public places after 10:30 p.m. through 7:00 a.m.
Medical News Today - Road deaths fell significantly following alcohol tax increases, say researchers
Researchers from the University of Florida (UF) found that after Illinois increased taxes on beer, wine and spirits in 2009, there was a 26% fall in car crashes involving alcohol.
EurActiv (EU) - Lawmakers urge Commission to table new alcohol strategy
Members of the European Parliament, backed by health NGOs and the alcohol industry, are asking the European Commission to propose a new alcohol strategy, saying it should depart from the current one.
EurActiv (EU) - What’s in alcoholic drinks should be no secret
To know what our food and drinks are made of is a basic consumer right. However, alcoholic beverages – often loaded with calories and sugar – scarcely display the full list of ingredients and nutritional information, escaping the rules applied to everything else we eat and drink, writes Ilaria Passarani.
Clinical Advisor (USA) - Proper screening of at-risk alcohol users is lacking
A minority of primary care residents appropriately screen or intervene with at-risk alcohol users, according to a study published February 10 online ahead of print in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
CTV News (Canada) - 22% of Grade 7 students drank alcohol in past year: report
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is taking stock of alcohol consumption in its area – and officials there are not entirely thrilled with what’s coming out.
ABC2 News (USA) - More people die from drug and alcohol overdoses then murder in Baltimore
Drug and alcohol abuse in Baltimore is a very real issue. Last year more people died from overdoses then murder in the Charm City. Heroin is to blame for 143 of those lost lives.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - New education program shows Canberra students harsh reality of alcohol
High school students in Canberra are being confronted with the dangers and sometimes life-altering consequences of alcohol as part of a new $100,000 education program being trialled in the territory.
IceNews (Sweden) - Sweden becoming more tolerant of alcohol
A recent study by IQ has revealed that people in Sweden are becoming increasingly more acceptant of alcohol.

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