Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alcohol News - 9/2015 (Netherlands) - Alcohol lock is punishment enough: high court
Drunk drivers with an alcohol lock fitted to their cars should not be prosecuted in court as well, the high court said on Tuesday.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Alcohol consumption and related problems are way over the limit and it’s time to say no
TONIGHT at a forum in Sydney, representatives from our major parties will announce their policies for the upcoming state election to reduce alcohol-related harm and ­violence.
ITV News (Wales) - '34,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions'
Deputy Minister Health Minister Vaughan Gething says figures show more then 4 out of 10 adults in Wales report drinking more than the recommended guideline amount of alcohol at least once in the last week. (Canada) - Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say
Do you drink beer, wine, coolers or other alcoholic beverages? That's a question Canadians could hear more often as doctors try to get us to think about the risks of drinking.
Budapest Business Journal (Hungary) - Alcohol consumption in Hungary jumps 25%
Alcohol consumption in Hungary increased by 25% last year, Hungarian economic daily Napi Gazdaság said yesterday citing data from the Tax and Customs Authority (NAV).
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Even one is one too many — Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
With levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy suggesting Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is significantly underdiagnosed in Ireland, Dr Irwin Gill and Prof Farhana Sharif examine the diagnosis and management of the condition ahead of a national survey of paediatricians.
Liverpool Echo - ITV documentary looks into impact of drinking while pregnant on babies and their families
An ITV documentary will take a look at the impact of drinking alcohol in pregnancy as one in 100 babies are born in Britain each year brain-damaged with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
Longevity LIVE - New study expounds the link between drug and alcohol use on weight change
Obesity is a major public health problem and notoriously difficult to treat. Although the web is infested with insightful information on various ways to combat obesity and avoiding several diseases associated with it – there still is however, a worrying absence of material on the relationship between weight, alcohol and other drugs.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - New research shows adult alcohol consumption puts kids in harm's way
Parents who think their drinking doesn't have an impact on their children are probably fooling themselves. According to experts, every family, regardless of social class, should take a long, hard look at their drinking habits.
Sunderland Echo (UK) - ‘Cutting the price of booze will harm our health,’ says campaign group
A NORTH East health campaign group is urging the Government to ignore calls to cut the cost of booze.
Deadline News (Scotland) - Scots health board admits a drinker “every four hours”
A SCOTTISH health board has revealed it admits one patient every four hours on average with an alcohol-related problem.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Sunday alcohol sales ban in Tallinn postponed
The plan of the Tallinn city government to ban the retail sales of alcohol on Sundays will be postponed because two alcohol retail companies have disputed the city government's decree in court and seek legal protection, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

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