Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alcohol News - 11/2015

PolitiFact (USA) - Teen alcohol abuse in Florida has dropped by double digits, advocate says
As the Legislature considers changing rules for Florida’s burgeoning craft beer industry, one advocacy group is saying it’s important to maintain the state’s downward trend in teen alcohol abuse.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol giants are part of the problem - not the solution
Stop Out-Of-Control Drinking' is not just a well-intentioned aim, it is the name of a public health campaign group. So far, so good. Except it is part-funded by Diageo and, oddly enough for an organisation touchily insisting on its independence, a director of the drinks giant sits on its board. (USA) - National push to curb alcohol/sex assault connection
College campuses across the country are doing more to combat the undeniable link between alcohol and sexual assault.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - 'No such thing as safe amount of alcohol for a pregnant woman' - expert weighs in
Pregnant women should abstain from alcohol completely because there is no clear information indicating a safe amount for consumption, an expert says.
Yahoo News (USA) - US Secret Service has alcohol problem: director
The US Secret Service director admitted to Congress on Tuesday that his agents often drink, even as he sought funding to build a life-size mock-up of the White House to improve training.
Medical Daily - Alcohol Use Linked To Both Lower Socioeconomic Status And Genetic Vulnerability
What factors influence how much alcohol you drink? A new study finds that a genetic disposition or environment does not exert the exact same effects on everyone. Instead, these influences may be stronger or weaker, depending on social context.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Varadkar urged to make his position clear on alcohol awareness campaign
Health Minister Leo Varadkar should "unequivocally" say whether he supports a drinks industry-funded alcohol awareness campaign after claims the initiative is a "smokescreen" to take the political focus away from wider legal reforms. (Australia) - Alcohol the elephant in room: academics
ACADEMICS are calling for a national conversation on restricted club trading hours, saying it has strong potential to curb Australia's culture of alcohol misuse.
NPR (USA) - Federal Government, States Battle Over Safety Of Powdered Alcohol
The federal government has given its blessing — for now — to powdered alcohol. But even before the product goes to market, some states have banned it.
County 10 (USA) - Proposed U.S. Healthy Dietary guidelines recommend increase in alcohol consumption
This week it was the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance that expressed concern that the proposed guidelines effectively increases the approved amount of alcohol consumption, by tripling the amount of alcohol recommended for women and doubling the amount for men.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Unit of alcohol should cost €1 – the same as litre of milk, says liver disease expert
The minimum price of a unit of alcohol should be the same as a litre of milk at €1, a liver specialist at Beaumont Hospital has recommended.
The Independent (UK) - British Medical Association under fire for offering doctors cheap alcohol
The British Medical Association (BMA) is facing allegations of hypocrisy after the magazine distributed to its 153,000 members contained cut-price drinks deals.

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