Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Alcohol News - 51/2014

The Guardian (UK) - Scottish Labour leader criticised over proposal to end football alcohol ban
The leader of the Scottish Labour party, Jim Murphy, has been criticised by women’s organisations working with the victims of domestic abuse after he suggested that the ban on alcohol at Scottish football matches should be lifted.
Medical Daily - Breastfeeding And Drinking: Important Information For New Moms To Consider Before Indulging In Eggnog This Holiday
There are many factors that play into whether or not a woman should drink alcohol while breastfeeding, and the only way for a new mother to definitively know if having a cocktail over the holiday could harm her newborn is by discussing the matter with her physician.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - When alcohol and drugs are involved, it can only bring heartache and loss of life
Today, tomorrow or next week, some motorist will decide they are fit to drive despite having had a few drinks or taken illegal drugs. The journey is short, they will tell themselves, or on a quiet road with little or no traffic.
Medical Xpress - Alcohol apps aimed at young
Apps with names like 'Let's get Wasted!' and 'Drink Thin' have led a James Cook University Professor to call for Government action on alcohol advertising on mobile devices.
Medical Xpress - Study links suicide risk with insomnia, alcohol use
A new study is the first to show that insomnia symptoms mediate the relationship between alcohol use and suicide risk, and that this mediation is moderated by gender. The study suggests that the targeted assessment and treatment of specific sleep problems may reduce the risk of suicide among those who use alcohol.
The Local (Sweden) - Sweden seeks ban on foreign booze advertising
Two powerful Swedish lobby groups have turned to the European Commission to try and get a complete ban on alcohol advertising on television, after it emerged some channels were dodging the ban by being registered abroad.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Beware of mixing alcohol with meds
People are being reminded of the potential dangers of mixing alcohol and medicines over the Christmas and New Year period.
AsiaOne (Singapore) - Public drinking ban one option for new alcohol curbs
An islandwide ban on public drinking may be on the cards, if Singapore takes a page out of Queensland's liquor control measures. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in all public places in the Australian state.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Call for ban on alcohol advertising at sport events
The Government has been told to end alcohol sponsorship of sports clubs and ban any advertising of beer, wine and spirits during televised matches by a ministerial forum.
FleetNews (UK) - 84% of motorists support alcohol immobilisers on cars
Almost 84% of UK motorists would support the introduction of technology designed to immobilise vehicles if sensors detect that the driver is over the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit.
JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association - Alcohol Combined With Drug Abuse Leads to More Overdoses and Deaths
People treated in an emergency department (ED) for abusing opioid pain relievers (OPRs) or benzodiazepines frequently drink alcohol with the drugs, exacerbating their risk for overdose. (New Zealand) - Ban On Alcohol Advertising Just One Step
Family First NZ says that a proposed ban on alcohol advertising at sports events as recommended by a ministerial forum is an important move, but will not solve the binge drinking and alcohol abuse issue on its own.
Medical Xpress - Density of alcohol outlets in rural areas depends on the town's average income
Alcohol outlets tend to be concentrated in lower-income areas. Given that alcohol-related problems such as trauma, chronic disease, and suicide occur more frequently in areas with a greater density of alcohol outlets, lower-income populations are exposed to increased risk. This study examines the distribution of rural outlets in the state of Victoria, Australia, finding towns had more outlets of all types where the average income was lower and where the average income in adjacent towns was higher, and that this was consistent with retail market dynamics.

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