Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alcohol News - 48/2014 (EU) - Thought Leader | Eurocare: EU alcohol strategy
As we prepare to host the sixth European alcohol policy conference on 27 and 28 November in Brussels, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) is calling on the new commission to introduce an up to date, comprehensive and evidence-based EU alcohol strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm.
Fox News - Origins of human alcohol consumption revealed
Human ancestors may have begun evolving the knack for consuming alcohol about 10 million years ago, long before modern humans began brewing booze, researchers say.
Science World Report - Scientists Discover Gene Network Linked to Alcohol Abuse
Scientists may have discovered the gene network responsible for alcohol abuse. They've identified a network of genes that appear to work together that influence alcohol dependence. The new findings could potentially help lead to future treatments and therapies for alcoholics.
Lifehacker Australia - Drink Less Alcohol By Quitting Smoking First
A scientific study has discovered that it’s more difficult to quit alcohol if you also smoke. Apparently, the receptors in the brain linked to alcohol withdrawal are effected by frequent tobacco use, causing cravings to remain high. In other words, wannabe teetotalers should consider quitting smoking first.
Morocco World News (Morocco) - Moroccans Consume 131 Million Liters of Alcohol Per Year
At a time the Moroccan law clearly states that only foreigners are allowed to buy and consume alcoholic beverages, a new study conducted by Euromonitor for the British Magazine The Economist has found that Moroccans are actually the ones putting money in the pockets of liquor distributors and manufacturers.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - People as young as 20 dying from alcohol abuse
PEOPLE as young as 20 have died from alcohol-related illnesses, one of the countries leading consultants has revealed.
The Guardian (UK) - Doctors call for tougher laws on alcohol abuse to tackle liver disease crisis
Senior doctors are calling for tougher government action on alcohol abuse, after warning that Britain is the only country in western Europe except Finland where liver disease has increased over the past three decades.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Alcohol Kills 500,000 Russians Annually
Around 500,000 Russians die due to alcohol abuse every year, Russia's health and safety watchdog said in a statement Monday.
CBS News - Women, alcohol, and a potential unseen risk
Women in America are drinking more than ever in recent history, and they are suffering growing consequences.
Channel News Asia (Australia) - How Australian cities combat alcohol misuse - Part 1
In the first of a four-part series, Channel NewsAsia looks at how Australian cities have attempted to combat alcohol misuse, starting with tougher criteria for alcohol licences.
LA Daily News - ‘Drink responsibly’ message not effective, says study on alcohol advertising
The “drink responsibly” or “enjoy in moderation” messages tucked into liquor and beer ads don’t impress Jennifer Romo.
A surge in baby boomers has driven up the number of elderly people abusing drugs or alcohol, bringing more attention to the sometimes-delicate problems involved in treating addiction in the aging.
Headlines & Global News - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Is More Common Than We Thought, Study Says
Fetal alcohol syndrome is more common than we thought, according to Inquisitr, and studies show that binge drinking is the culprit. (EU) - EU 'can and must do more' on tackling alcohol-related harm
Alcohol is still the third biggest cause of preventable death and disease in Europe, with alcohol-related illness responsible for more than 100,000 deaths a year. It’s clear we need a coordinated strategy at EU-level to help reduce harmful alcohol consumption and safeguard the health of our citizens.
Daily Mail - Drinking a glass of wine is the same as downing three shots of vodka, says NHS chief as he warns of 'silent killer'
An NHS chief has said alcohol is becoming a 'silent killer' in the UK as he warned middle class drinkers that a glass of wine is just as harmful as downing three shots of vodka.

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