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FASD News - 29/2014

EUFASD - International Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Dangers of Drinking during Pregnancy
We think it is time to work together, sharing ideas and using the power of the internet and social media. This project will give evidence-based information and will empower individuals to make their own decisions.
Toronto Star (Canada) - Ontario must act quickly to help those with developmental disabilities: Editorial
That’s how an Ontario government report describes the state of some families with members who have developmental disabilities such as autism, fetal alcohol syndrome disorders (FASD), Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or epilepsy.
The Australian (Australia) - Anger at ‘sleeping monster’ of foetal alcohol disorders
THE re-jailing of a young Aboriginal woman with an intellectual impairment, just weeks after being released from prison where she was held for almost two years without charge, has cast doubts over ­arrangements for people with high needs in central Australia.
Birthrights (UK) - Birthrights applies to Court of Appeal to intervene in fetal alcohol case
A forthcoming court case on criminal injuries compensation for a child whose mother drank during pregnancy could pave the way to the criminalisation of pregnant women’s behaviour, Birthrights and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) warned today.
SMART Speech Therapy - Why is FASD diagnosis so important?
Recently, I’ve participated in various on-line and in-person discussions with both school-based speech language pathologists (SLPs) as well as medical health professionals (e.g., neurologists, pediatricians, etc.) regarding their views on the need of formal diagnosis for school aged children with suspected alcohol related deficits.

HealthTAP - Short Term Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Facial features include narrow small eyes with large epicanthal folds, small head, small upper jaw, smooth groove in upper lip, thin upper lip, & short nose.
BrightBlueCharity - FASD - Bright Blue Charity

Epilepsia - Seizures in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Evaluation of clinical, electroencephalographic, and neuroradiologic features in a pediatric case series
Seizures are observed with a frequency of 3–21% in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). However, clinical, neuroradiologic, and electroencephalography (EEG) features are poorly described. In this study, 13 patients with FASD and epilepsy or seizures were identified retrospectively from the databases of seven Italian pediatric neurology divisions.
Behavioural Brain Research - Effects of moderate prenatal ethanol exposure and age on social behavior, spatial response perseveration errors and motor behavior
Persistent deficits in social behavior are among the major negative consequences associated with exposure to ethanol during prenatal development. Prior work from our laboratory has linked deficits in social behavior following moderate prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) in the rat to functional alterations in the ventrolateral frontal cortex.
Behavioural Brain Research - Moderate prenatal alcohol exposure alters behavior and neuroglial parameters in adolescent rats
Alcohol consumption by women during gestation has become increasingly common. Although it is widely accepted that exposure to high doses of ethanol has long-lasting detrimental effects on brain development, the case for moderate doses is underappreciated, and benchmark studies have demonstrated structural and behavioral defects associated with moderate prenatal alcohol exposure in humans and animal models.
Placenta - The effect of maternal prenatal smoking and alcohol consumption on the placenta-to-birth weight ratio
The alteration of the in utero environment induced by smoking and alcohol consumption appears to affect placental and fetal growth in differing ways. Further studies are needed to elucidate the mechanism.
The Journal of Physiology - Maternal alcohol consumption in pregnancy enhances arterial stiffness and alters vasodilator function that varies between vascular beds in fetal sheep
While the impact of alcohol consumption by pregnant women on fetal neurodevelopment has received much attention, the effects on the cardiovascular system are not well understood.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America - Prenatal and Postpartum Care of Women with Substance Use Disorders
The use of substances of abuse in pregnancy creates significant barriers to receiving high-quality prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care.
The Economic Journal - Alcohol Exposure In Utero and Child Academic Achievement
We examine the effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on child academic achievement. We use a genetic variant in the maternal alcohol-metabolism gene ADH1B to instrument for alcohol exposure, whilst controlling for the child's genotype on the same variant.

IN OTHER LANGUAGES (Germany) - Alkohol hat schlimme Folgen für das Baby
Frauen sollten während der Schwangerschaft komplett auf Alkohol verzichten. Schon ein Glas Wein kann dazu führen, dass das Ungeborene volltrunken ist und seine Gesundheit nachhaltig beeinträchtigt wird.
Nasz Dziennik (Poland) - Kochająca matka zawsze trzeźwa
Trwamy w dziękczynieniu za historyczną kanonizację Jana Pawła II, który uczył nas, że święci nie przemijają, lecz pragną naszej świętości. Podejmujemy osobisty i narodowy rachunek sumienia z wierności słowom naszego nowego Świętego.
Durante la gravidanza l’alcol deve essere assolutamente bandito, poiché mette a rischio la salute di mamma e figlio. Tra le donne che bevono quantità rilevanti di alcol in gravidanza, si stima che una percentuale tra il 4% – 40% partorisce bambini affetti da danni alcol correlati di vario grado.

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