Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alcohol News - 29/2014

Newsweek - Energy Drinks Increase Urge to Drink Alcohol
Creators of Four Loko weren’t crazy when they came up with the marketing strategy for the sweet flavored alcohol-slash-energy drink. A new study conducted by the Center for Research on Aging, Health and Well-Being at the Australian National University in Canberra found that mixing energy drinks with booze results in intense cravings—for more alcohol.
Everyday Health - Research Shows Alcohol Increases Atrial Fibrillation Risk
In patients who binge drink or are heavy alcohol consumers, there is a significant risk of developing atrial fibrillation. The risk is not trivial; as I discussed in a prior column, it has been reported to be as high as 60 percent.
Colombia Reports (Colombia) - Colombia’s tobacco consumption down, alcohol use increases: UN Report
A United Nations (UN) study has shown that tobacco consumption was reduced in the last five years, though alcohol consumption did increase during the same time period, local news reported last week.
The Delta Discovery - Alcohol - people will do anything to have me
I come in a lot of names - Budweiser, vodka, wine and others. No matter what the name, as long as it has alcohol, I’m it. I’m found in liquor stores, bars and everywhere it’s legal, or illegal. (UK) - Supermarkets 'just giving away' alcohol, says peer
Supermarkets that offer low price alcohol in promotions were dubbed irresponsible in a debate at The House of Lords earlier this week relating to changes to be made to the mandatory licensing conditions.
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Government proposes equalling excise duties on alcohol with spirit content of 8.5 percent to vodka
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has proposed that dietary foods with spirit content of 8.5 percent and more be considered alcohol and set the excise duty for such products at the level of the excise duty for vodka.
Western Morning News (UK) - Tony Hogg: Reducing the victims of alcohol - in whatever way we can
With an estimated 10,000 violent incidents in Devon and Cornwall last year attributed to the effects of alcohol, calls for a minimum pricing policy should not be ignored, says Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.
Wall Street Journal (Hungary) - Hungary Allows Drunk Cycling
In a country with zero tolerance for driving under the influence, a Hungarian government decree that allows cyclists to drink and ride on major roads came as a surprise over the weekend.
Manawatu Standard (New Zealand) - Fighting a losing battle with the bottle
Police and the MidCentral District Health Board are taking their fight against the harmful effects of alcohol to the shop floor of a Palmerston North supermarket, in a test case that could have implications for licence holders around the country.
Fair Lady - Alcohol kills women faster
The World Health Organisation released its 2014 global report on alcohol and health and it's bad news: Women are more vulnerable to alcohol related diseases than men.

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