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FASD News - 14/2014

EUFASD - Drinking during pregnancy—who is responsible?
We the undersigned organizations are deeply concerned about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and we work to make women aware that they should not drink during pregnancy. Many of us are parents of children with FASD or professionals working daily with children with FASD. We are not in favor of punishing women who drink during pregnancy.
Massage Today - Highlighting the Use of Massage for Children Affected by FASD
Growth and developmental issues are key to the diagnosis of FAS, and in research studies of pediatric and infant massage therapy, it has been demonstrated to assist in both. For infants born prematurely, the use of massage has demonstrated a measurable increase in weight for the infants who received the therapeutic intervention.
Phys.Org - Screening to ensure justice for fetal alcohol disorder kids
Some of the boys and girls aged from 10 to 17 who end up at the State's only juvenile detention centre at Banksia Hill may have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) - and researchers have been awarded a grant to find out.
Anchorage Daily News - Expert: Health care bills for children with FASD are 9 times higher than other kids
No one knows exactly how many Alaskans have fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The disability is tough and time-consuming to diagnose, and symptoms may take years to surface.
Doctor Tipster - Alcohol Brings More Dangers for Pregnant Women
One of the most widely used and abused substances is alcohol. Alcohol is similar to drugs; it can cause addiction and becomes a social problem, especially among teens. Many teens, especially in Western countries are often dubbed as problem drinkers because they often get drunk, get into alcohol related accidents, and often get into trouble with the law and with family members and friends. All these are due to the bad effects of alcohol. (Canada) - Criminal Code must recognize FASD: Yukon MP
Yukon MP Ryan Leef is calling for amendments to the Criminal Code to help people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Charity warns women of the dangers of drinking while pregnant
There is no “safe” amount of alcohol for women to drink during pregnancy, a charity has warned.
Donegal Democrat (Ireland) - New ‘toolkit’ for health professionals launched at Letterkenny General Hospital
A new project aimed at increasing awareness of the health benefits to pregnant mums and unborn children of ceasing alcohol consumption entirely during pregnancy has been taking place in the ante-natal clinic of Consultant Obstetrician Dr Nandini Ravikumar at Letterkenny General Hospital.
Public Health Agency of Canada - Perinatal Health Indicators 2013
This report, produced by the Agency's Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System (CPSS), presents surveillance information on key indicators of maternal, fetal and infant health in Canada (a total of 16 indicators) based on the most recent available data (vital statistics data up to 2009 and 2010, hospitalization data up to 2010/11, Canada Community Health Survey up to 2010, and the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and youth up to 2008).
MNN - Middle-class women are ignoring the rules about drinking during pregnancy, study finds
Few things attract such disparaging glares as a pregnant woman sidling up to the bar and ordering a martini. While studies may come to different conclusions on the topic, boozing and pregnancy are generally frowned upon in our society.

CIFASD – Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The purpose of this consortium is to inform and develop effective interventions and treatment approaches for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), through multidisciplinary research involving basic, behavioral and clinical investigators and projects. We hope to develop an infrastructure to foster collaboration and coordinate basic, clinical and translational research on FASD.
Lyn Laboriel, MD, Director of FASD Clinic at VIP
Dr. Lyn Laboriel explains the global pandemic of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and some of the methods the Violence Intervention Program is using to address it.
IHE - International Charter on Prevention of FASD available in Multiple Languages
The International Charter on Prevention of Fetal Acohol Spectrum Disorder, originally published in the Lancet Global Health, is in the process of being translated into mulitple languages.
UHKFdn - Seeing & Reaching with James Reynolds on research into diagnosing FASD
James N. Reynolds, PhD, shares information about his research into new ways of diagnosing brain injury in children who are undergoing diagnosis for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder at an April 8, 2014 public lecture organized by the Research Institute at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

NeuroDevNet - Two Days in the Life of FASD: An interactive and Participative Experience with FASD
Two days in the life of FASD: an interactive and participative experience with Fetal Alcohol syndrom, is a two-day workshop for teachers and parents will be held in Thunder Bay, Ontario on May 27 and 28th, 2014.
RCPCH (Scotland) - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. A free event for Educational Professionals
16th June 2014, Royal College of Physicians.
The 6th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
This advanced level conference continues to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to share international research. From the pure science, to prevention, diagnosis and intervention across the lifespan, the conference will address the implications of this research and promote scientific/community collaboration.

IJADR - Exploratory study of the effectiveness of a professional development program on the academic achievement and classroom behavior of students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in British Columbia, Canada
The results provide preliminary support for the effectiveness of the professional development program for elementary school teachers teaching students with FASD. Further research is needed with a larger sample size to reduce type II error.
Alcoholism - Prevalence and Predictors of Maternal Alcohol Consumption in 2 Regions of Ukraine
These findings support the need for education/intervention in women of childbearing age in Ukraine and can help inform targeted interventions for women at risk of an alcohol-exposed pregnancy. The initiation of a standard screening protocol in pregnancy is a step in the right direction.
JPTCP - The Differential Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
This review aims to provide the pediatrician with information concerning the differential diagnosis of FASD and to discuss genetic testing that might be relevant to the assessment.
BMC Pediatrics - Commentary on the Australian fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnostic guidelines
The publication of Australian fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) diagnostic guidelines marks an important step forward in Australia's efforts to prevent FASD. But do we need yet another set of FASD guidelines? At the 5th International FASD Conference, the ever growing number of FASD diagnostic guidelines was identified as a core area of concern by leaders in FASD worldwide.

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