Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alcohol News - 17/2014

TIME - This is What Happens When You Drive on Pot and Alcohol
Researchers took a look at yearly surveys of over 72,000 U.S. high school seniors from 1976 to 2011, and assessed their simultaneous use of pot and alcohol. They found that teens who reported using both at the same time were 50 to 90% more likely to admit to unsafe driving than teens who did not smoke pot or drink.
CBS Local - Study: Raising Price Of Alcohol May Lower Violence
According to a new study, increasing the price of alcohol may help decrease the number of violent crimes.
The Guardian (UK) - Cost of alcohol credited for drop in serious violence in England and Wales
A decline in binge drinking and the rising price of alcohol is behind a dramatic 12% fall in the number of people injured in serious violence across England and Wales last year, a pioneering academic research study claims. - Why alcohol marketing targeting women has public health researchers concerned
The liquor cabinet in David Jernigan's office is fully stocked—mostly with flavored, fruity, carbonated and pink-labeled--adult beverages. Maybe it's a surprise to find this stash in the office of a public health professor, but his liquor bottles are all part of Jernigan's work. He tracks alcohol advertising.
Headlines & Global News - Teen Alcohol Use Linked To Long-Term Effects On Decision Making
Teen drinking alters brain chemistry leading to impairment in decision making in adulthood, a new study finds.
RT (Russia) - Online booze ban: Lawmakers target internet alcohol sales
A ruling party MP has drafted a bill banning online sales of alcohol in order to improve state control in this sphere and protect customers from buying uncertified and potentially dangerous drinks.
The Establishment Post (Indonesia) - A New Regulation on the Sale of Alcohol in Indonesia
Indonesia’s Ministry of Commerce issued a new regulation mid-April as an attempt to control and oversee procurement and distribution, as well as sale of alcohol in Indonesia. Under the new regulation, sale of alcoholic beverages in the retail market can only be done through retailers in duty free shops, or places specified by the regent, mayor, or governor to specific areas.
Al-Monitor (Israel) - Violence, alcohol take toll on Israeli youth
After the commotion died down and most of the young people had fled the place, a large puddle of blood was left behind. Right beside it lay a teenager, barely 18, fluttering between life and death. Stricken by panic, his friends kneeled beside him in a state of total loss.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol industry's complaints about TV advert's cancer link thrown out
Alcohol industry complaints that a television advertisement linking drinking with an increased risk of cancer was misleading have been thrown out. (New Zealand) - Alcohol-pricing policy delay slammed
Justice Minister Judith Collins' decision to wait and see on a policy that could significantly reduce alcohol harm has been called election-year cowardice. (Canada) - Alcohol blamed for thousands of new cancer cases annually in Ontario
Alcohol consumption is linked to an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 new cases of cancer in Ontario a year, the province’s cancer agency says.
Ottawa Citizen - ‘No safe limit for alcohol,’ says cancer prevention group
An Ontario cancer group is calling on the LCBO to stop its plans for a grocery store expansion project after releasing a report Tuesday calling alcohol a serious cause of cancer in the province.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol 'more damaging than heroin' says Prof David Nutt
The government's former drugs adviser, Prof David Nutt, believes alcohol is damaging society more than heroin.

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