Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Alcohol News - 5/2014

The Guardian - Alcohol, smoking and obesity fuel 'alarming' global cancer surge
A global drive to tackle the causes of cancer linked to lifestyle, such as alcohol abuse, sugar consumption and obesity, has been urged on Monday by the World Health Organisation as it predicted the number of new cases could soar 70% to nearly 25 million a year over the next 20 years.
The Daily Star (Lebanon) - Authorities ban all energy drinks containing alcohol in Lebanon
Merchants have four months to comply with a new ban on the import, manufacturing and marketing of all energy drinks containing alcohol, caretaker Economy Minister Nicholas Nahas and caretaker Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil announced Monday.
Reuters - All alcohol, even wine, raises risk of gout flare-ups: study
Bad news for gout sufferers who enjoy drinking the fruit of the vine - new research finds that all types of alcohol, even previously exempt wine, can bring on attacks of the painful condition. (Russia) - Vodka contributes to high death rates in Russia, new study confirms
The high and sharply fluctuating death rates in Russia are due mainly to alcohol, particularly vodka, a new prospective study of 151 000 adults confirms.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Leaders: Scots’ affair with alcohol is no joke
SNP MSP Alex Neil is not above playful mischief. It is in this light that his extraordinary assertion that Margaret Thatcher was to blame for Scotland’s destructive relationship with alcohol could be viewed. Did our serious drink problem really first take off in the 1980s? And was it really “all Mrs Thatcher’s fault”?
OnMedica (UK) - Workplace drug and alcohol problems growing concern
The impact of drugs and alcohol misuse is a growing problem in the workplace, says the BMA in new guidance for clinicians designed to help employers better tackle the issues.
U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Alcohol Tied to Domestic Violence on College Campuses
Among college students, alcohol use is more likely than marijuana use to lead to domestic violence, new research finds.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - 70pc of sex victims 'had drunk 12 units of alcohol'
More than seven in 10 alleged victims of sexual assault who attended the country's busiest treatment unit had consumed the equivalent of six pints of beer.
The Argus (UK) - Councillors recommend booze ban for council parties
The annual Brighton and Hove mayor’s Christmas party and other council-run events should become alcohol-free, a report says. (Scotland) - Government 'absolutely committed' to alcohol minimum pricing
Evidence that alcohol costs as little as 20p a unit is proof that minimum pricing is needed to battle Scotland's unhealthy relationship with drink, the Health secretary has said.
SYS-CON Media (USA) - Building Momentum to Prevent Alcohol Advertising On Public Property
"The research and support provided by Alcohol Justice was a tremendous resource in our efforts to prevent alcohol advertising on public land in Vista," said Erica Leary, Program Manager, North Coastal Prevention Coalition.
Alaska Dispatch (USA) - Alaska group hopes to end fetal alcohol syndrome
It’s one of the more persistent yet preventable afflictions in Alaska. Every year hundreds of babies are born with brain damage to mothers who abused alcohol during pregnancy.
European Voice (EU) - EU legislation needed on drink-driving
The town of Kamienn Pomorski in Poland is still in shock following a tragedy that took place on New Year's Day. A 26-year-old drunk driver drove his BMW into a crowd of people, killing six. One boy who was seriously injured lost both his parents and his brother.
Irish Times (Scotland) - Thatcher drove Scots to drink and drugs, claims health minister
Scottish health minister Alex Neil has said Margaret Thatcher’s destruction of Scotland’s heavy industries and coal mining was responsible for the country’s appalling drug and alcoholism figures.

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