Monday, July 22, 2013

Alcohol News - 29/2013

Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Enhedslisten calls for ban on alcohol advertising
Nearly 3,000 people die of alcohol-related causes in Denmark each year, leading members of the far-left party Enhedslisten (EL) to argue that it is time for alcohol to join tobacco and other products on the list of items not allowed to be advertised.
The Local (Sweden) - 'Government must act on alcohol tax': minister
The government must fulfil its pre-election promise to raise taxes on alcohol by 2014, said Health Minister Maria Larsson on Thursday, adding that time is ticking on the matter to be resolved before its second terms draws to a close.
TNP (Norway) - Norwegian Wine Monopoly Sets Eye on Alcohol Sales at Airports
Alcoholic beverage sales in the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet) stores falls, while there is an increase in duty free shops. So, the Wine Monopoly (Vinmonopolet) wants to take over alcohol sales at airports.
The Local (Norway) - Liquor monopoly wants tax-free licence
The Norwegian state liquor monopoly wants to take over the sale of wine and spirits in tax-free, saying that airport sales threaten the alcohol vendor's legitimacy and financing.
Baltic News Network (Latvia) - New set of rules for alcoholic drinks adverts comes into force in Latvia
Friday, July 19 marks the coming into force of amendments to the Law on the Circulation of Alcoholic Drinks. These amendments provide a set of rules that will reduce alcohol consumption rates, especially in regard to underage persons, says Ilze Zunde, head of the consumers information and communication department of the Consumers’ Rights Protection Centre (CRPC). (Finland) - FINLAND OPINION: DO IMMIGRANTS DARE SPEAK UP ABOUT ALCOHOLISM?
Finland’s worst enemy at this time is not Russia, nor is it immigrants, Islamists or even extremists. It is alcohol, according to freelance journalist and opinion writer Wali Hashi. The following is an English version of Hashi's most recent opinion piece.
WHO (Estonia) – Case study on socially determined inequities in alcohol consumption patterns in Estonia
This alcohol and equity case study focuses on examining socially determined inequities in alcohol consumption patterns in Estonia. That is, it focuses on analysis of differences or differentials in social determinants that are considered to be avoidable, unfair and remediable – namely inequities.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Alcohol-caused mortality rate in Estonia is highest in EU
Leading statistician of the Statistics Board Marianne Leppik wrote in the board’s blog entry that alcohol-related mortality rate in Estonia is the highest among all EU countries, writes LETA/National Broadcasting.
Huffington Post UK (UK) - Alcohol Is Killing An Increasing Number Of Women In Their 30s And 40s, Study Suggests
There has been a "worrying" increase in the number of women in their 30s and 40s who are dying from alcohol misuse, research suggests.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Pregnant women in alcohol warning after quiz
Thousands of pregnant women have been quizzed about their drinking habits, amid concerns about the effects of alcohol on their health and their babies, figures reveal. (UK) - Health advisers quit over scrapping of minimum alcohol price
A group of government advisers has resigned in protest at David Cameron’s decision not to introduce a minimum price for alcohol.
Cordis News (EU) - Toward evidence-based public policy for alcohol
Europeans are the world's heaviest drinkers. Per capita consumption is equivalent to each EU citizen aged 15 years or older drinking around 12 litres of pure alcohol per year, or just under three standard drinks per day in most European countries.
Zambia Daily Mail (Zambia) - Productivity and alcohol abuse by youths
PRODUCTIVITY has now become an everyday watchword. It is crucial to the welfare of industrial firms as well as for the community, social and economic progress of the country.
The (Spain) - Spaniards outstrip expats in smoking spend
Spaniards are among the world's heaviest smokers and spend more per person on both alcohol and tobacco than foreign residents in the country.
NHS Choices (UK) - Media blames 'ladettes' as alcohol-related deaths rise
"More young women dying of alcohol abuse," The Times reports, with much of the media covering the story that the risk of death from an alcohol-related health condition has increased for women in their 30s and 40s.
Toronto NewsFIX - Alcohol increases haemorrhagic stroke risk
Heavy drinkers run an increased risk of having the kind of stroke caused by bleeding into the brain.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Alcohol poisoning rates rise 10% yearly for 5 years
Alcohol poisoning rates in the South have risen an average of 10% annually for the past five years, a new Southern District Health Board alcohol report says.
Northampton Herald and Post (UK) - New approach to alcohol related violence paying dividends
THE new approach by police to dealing with anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol is paying dividends. The force is pleased with the results of their new approach in Northampton town centre last Friday and Saturday nights.